Yachts Rotary Scout and Scatterling called at Tristan on the 17th February 2017, while other yachts returning from the race passed nearby.

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Cape 2 Rio 2017 yacht racers call at Tristan on their way home

Yacht Rotary Scout at anchor off Tristan da Cunha Cape 2 Rio 2017 Banner

Above: Cape 2 Rio 2017 flag in the Post & Tourism Centre.

Left: Yacht Rotary Scout. Below: Yacht Scatterling.

Yacht Scatterling at anchor off Tristan da Cunha

Tristan has been pleased to welcome visiting yachts returning from the Cape To Rio 2017 Yacht Race. In the old days Tristan was named the Island of Refreshments and we continue to live by this title, always welcoming the intrepid sailors that manage to make it this far south.

To make the racers feel at home a Cape To Rio flag hangs in our Post and Tourism Centre. The first yacht to reach us was 'Ray of Light', they sailed past on the 10th February without making a stop. The second yacht was called 'Regardless' and passed on the 16th February just after midnight. Other yachts sailing past were 'Compromise', 'Insv Mhadei' and 'Bolero'.

Yacht 'Rotary Scout' called in on Friday 17th February with eight crew members onboard. The weather was beautiful and they came ashore for the day. They had the opportunity to do their laundry, take in the sights, have a nice hot shower and had a drink at the remotest pub. Yacht 'Scatterling' with four crew arrived on Friday afternoon and anchored offshore overnight. On Saturday morning 'Scatterling' crew along with three of 'Rotary Scout' crew came ashore for the day. They enjoyed a visit to the supermarket, a walk to the Potato Patches to see some of the islanders busy in their potato plots, and attended an island birthday party in the afternoon. Two of Rotary Scout;s crew had the opportunity to do some deep sea fishing with a few of the locals. All crew members boarded late afternoon with a good supply of Tristan potatoes. Both yachts set sail on Sunday morning for Cape Town.

It was a great pleasure to see them all and give them a warm Tristan welcome. We now look forward to the arrival of yacht 'Avanti' who should be with us on Wednesday.