Questionnaire for feedback from visitors to Tristan da Cunha.

Your Tristan Experience

We are constantly trying to enhance visits to Tristan. Please help us by taking a moment to provide us with a little feedback from your visit. We are very grateful for all your comments and thank you for visiting Tristan da Cunha, the world’s most remote inhabited island.

About your visit to Tristan

Ship or Yacht Name:
Date of Arrival: (dd-mmm-yyyy)
Length of stay at Tristan: days
Travelling as a:

Before you arrived

How did you receive information about Tristan? Please tick all that apply.

Was there any information you were not able to find?

What were the reasons for your visit? Please tick all that apply.

On Arrival

Did you disembark at Tristan?

If NO, What was the reason?


Were souvenirs from Tristan available on board during your stay?

If Yes, what were your impressions of the stall and the souvenirs available?

Was there anything you would have liked to buy that was not available?

How did you land?:

If YES, How satisfactory was the disembarkation process?

How could disembarkation/landing have been improved?

If you had any questions about available activities or directions was this available and, if so, who from?


Which attractions did you visit? Please tick all that apply.


Which activities did you engage in? Please tick all that apply.


If you stayed ashore at Tristan, what was your accommodation?

General Impressions

How would you describe your visit to Tristan, what were your highlights?

What could have been done to improve your visit and impressions of the island and your experience here?

Is there anything you would have liked to be able to do or buy on the island that was not available?

How informative and amiable was your local island guide?

Any further comments or suggestions...

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