News relating to Edinburgh of the Seven Seas, Tristan da Cunha's only village, often known as the Settlement.

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2019 Pensioners' Christmas Party

The annual pensioners' Christmas party was hosted in Prince Philip Hall by Sean and Marina Burns on the 5th December 2019
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Pensioners' Christmas Party

The 2018 party was held in the Prince Philip Hall.
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Twinning the Albatross Bar and the Elder Tree Inn

The Albatross and the Elder Tree Inn twinned on the 2nd December 2016 to celebrate the first sales of 'Island Brew' in a UK pub.
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New Page: The British Garrison Geotrail

The trail consists of 6 caches and takes you to different parts of the village where the Garrison would have visited after their arrival in 1816.
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Stamp issue: Bicentenary of the British Garrison 1816 - 2016

These stamps commemorate the bicentenary of Britain taking possession of Tristan, with the landing of a garrison from HMS Falmouth on the 14th August 1816. Corporal William Glass and his family stayed on to become the founders of the colony.
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New Roof for Aunt Ellen's House on 3rd March 2016

Ellen Rogers' house was re-roofed on the 3rd March 2016. Ellen is 97 years old.
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Tristan Island Brew enjoyed at Foreign Office Reception

Bushy's 'Island Brew' was served at the close of the 2015 Overseas Territories Joint Ministerial Council.
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Bushy's Beer @ The Albatross Bar

Bushy's 'Island Brew' was a guest beer at the Albatross Bar in December 2015.
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Tristan Island Brew launched at Olympia on 11th August 2015

First pints of Tristan 'Island Brew' were pulled at the Great British Beer Festival held at Olympia London on Tuesday 11th August 2015.
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