Prince Philip Hall is the place where dances and community celebrations are held and also hosts the Albatross Bar. It was named in honour of HRH Prince Philip's visit to Tristan in 1957.

Prince Philip Hall in the 1980's

Union Jack proudly flying as the Pub (officially now known as The Albatross Bar) opens its doors to early evening drinkers.

The Albatross Bar

On the east side of the Prince Philip Hall is the famous Albatross Bar, now re-furbished, and boasting four barmaids in this September 2004 picture.

The Prince Philip Hall in 2005

New roof and white painted front, the Prince Philip Hall and Albatross Bar back in business after its post 2001 hurricane re-fit. The smaller St Mary's School Hall had been used for dances whilst the hall was repaired.

Prince Philip Hall Re-Opening Dance

The official re-opening of the Prince Philip Hall was celebrated with a dance on 18th September 2005. Tristan dances are always well attended and open to all without charge. They are normally held to celebrate Queens Day, Anniversary Day, weddings and other occasions.