Ellen Rogers' house was re-roofed on the 3rd March 2016. Ellen is 97 years old.

New Roof for Aunt Ellen's House on 3rd March 2016

Report and Photos from Shirley Squibb

Today is a beautiful, calm,
sunny Autumn day with blue skies,
perfect for re-roofing Ellen Rogers' house,
the oldest person on Tristan.

A group of men made an early start
removing the roofing sheets and old timbers,
some of which have been there since the house was first built.

Aunt Ellen, (Photo left) was born in 1918
and will be celebrating
her 98th birthday in September,
observed from her lounge window,
not bothered by all the noise overhead.
Next door in her daughter's house,
the ladies of the family busied themselves
preparing food to feed the men throughout the day.

Photos show:

Above - new timbers and corrugated roofing sheets being prepared:

Above right: old timbers being removed

Right: Old roof removed

Below: Food being prepared and served

Ellen at her front door on
Friday 4th March with
the new roof gleaming above (on a dull day!)

Some work still needs to be done
but it is good to know that
Tristan's oldest resident
will be snug under her new roof
ready for the
South Atlantic winter.