Bushy's 'Island Brew' was a guest beer at the Albatross Bar in December 2015.

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Bushy's Beer @ The Albatross Bar

Bushy's was a guest beer at the Albatross Bar in December 2015 - read Dawn Repetto's report of the appearance below, and then go to The Albatross Bar page for more photos.

Bushy's Beer has made it all the way to the remotest pub

As our readers are aware Tristan took part in a joint venture with Bushy's Brewery in the Isle of Man to make an Island Brew Beer.  This was a great success and has been enjoyed around the UK and in the Isle of Man. Unfortunately due to the beer being on draught we were unable to get the Island Brew shipped to Tristan.

Bushy has made many different draft beers and have even had some bottled. A few of these lovely bottled beers were shipped via Richard James International in the UK, onto Cape Town and then all the way to Tristan. After thousands of miles it was stored away for a special occasion.

The first opportunity was the annual Sheep Shearing Day when two bottles were brought out for the occasion. After shearing was completed the two bottles were enjoyed by a few of the locals, the weather was hot so the cold beer went down really well.

The remainder of the bottles was taken to the Albatross Bar and special permission was given to drink it there. Islanders that had been to the Isle of Man, the Administrator and Chief Islander all met and had a taste of the Bushy's beer. It was a great opportunity to reminisce about the time each person had spent in the Isle of Man. The Bar Manager was so pleased that Bushy's beer had made it here she asked if the empty bottles could be kept at the bar as a souvenir.

It has been a great privilege to be involved with Bushy's Brewery and to meet the Manager Martin and his team. We look forward to welcoming Martin and his wife Debbie to Tristan in April aboard the RMS St Helena. Even though Martin will only be here for a few days we hope to seek further advice from him about the possibilities of setting up a mini brewery on Tristan. We now look forward to the future and hope to do more joint ventures together.