Information about the Tristan Island Berries that go into Bushy's 'Island Brew'.

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The Island Brew's Berries

Empetrum rubrum, known as Berry Bush or Island Berry occurs on all four main Tristan Islands

The berries for the Tristan Island Brew were hand picked from the lower slopes of cliffs rising behind the Patches Plain in an area known as The Spring.

The views above show, left the view across the Patches Plain from The Spring, right looking towards the slopes which yield the berries (front right).

The berries A berry picker
The berries were bottled and transported all the way to the Isle of Man for the brew.
Robin Repetto adding the barley mixture with Amber looking on Robin, Jade and Martin Brunnschweiler checking the process

The brew was carried out on
Friday 24th July when these photos were
taken at Bushy's Isle of Man Brewery.

Left: Dawn adds the crucial
Tristan Berries to the mix

The Repetto Family by the vat containing the Tristan Island Brew and the poster which is a larger version of the beer pump clip which will soon adorn bars across the land. Amber, Dawn and Robin Repetto with Bushy's Manager Martin Brunnschweiler (far left) and Curly the Brewer.

Bushy's Manager Martin Brunnschweiler reports that the first batch of Tristan Island Brew made on 24th July will produce 20 nine gallon casks, one of which will be sent to Olympia for the launch day of the Great British Beer Festival at Olympia. The other 19 casks will be distributed by Bushy's wholesaler Flying Firkin after the London launch.

Only half the Island Berries were used in the first batch and Martin plans a second brew in the near future. Watch this space for details.