2016 Tristan da Cunha Family News
News of islanders' births, marriages, deaths, and significant birthdays and wedding anniversaries, both on Tristan da Cunha and abroad, during 2016.

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Birth of Oakley Repetto

We are delighted to announce the birth of Oakley Michael Repetto, in Southampton, UK, on 19th November 2016.

Oakley was born to proud parents Jose and Claire Louise Repetto and weighed in at 6 pounds 8 ounces.

Oakley's Grandmother Gillian, Uncle Ramon and Aunty Conchita all live on Tristan.

Obituary for Frances Green

We regret to announce the death of Frances Rose Green, who passed away peacefully on 10th October 2016, at the grand age of 93.

Born on 25th January 1923 to Mary and Fred Swain, she was one of six children. She married Douglas Green in 1946 and they had three children: Tim and Sue who were 14 and 7 when the volcano erupted in 1961 and they were evacuated to England; and Rosalie, who was born shortly after arriving in the UK. In 1963 Frances returned to the island with her family.

Frances could always be found with an easy smile and an infectious laugh. She was a great cook and regularly enjoyed serving up great feasts especially at Christmas and on New Year’s Day. Frances was also a dab hand at cards, a skill she passed on to her grandchildren. She will also be remembered as kind and gentle by all who had the pleasure to meet and know her.

Frances is survived by her son Tim and daughter Sue and will be missed deeply by her grandchildren Matthew, Dion, Trish and Gem as well as her beloved sister Gladys.

The family would like to thank everyone for their kindness in looking after Frances and for all their help and support. Also thanks for all the messages of condolence.

Christening of Hannah Green

in St Joseph's Church on Sunday 25th September 2016

Report and photos from Tina Glass

Hannah Green was baptised on Sunday 25th September in St Joseph's Church by Father Paul Taylor, visiting Catholic priest during the Agulhas visit.

Photo above shows Father Paul with Hannah and Godparents
Left to to Right: front row -
Father Paul Taylor, Philip Rogers, brother Calvin Green, Donna Hannah and Desmond, and Rachel Van Heerden
Back Row -  Linda Green, Glenda Swain, Grant Green, Patrick Green, Andrew Green, Clive Glass, Leanne Swain, and Emma Swain.

Absent Godparents were Matthew Green, George Swain, Adrian Swain, David Gerber, and Francesca Constantine.

Hannah with brother Calvin, mother Donna, and father Desmond Green Grandparents Patrick and Denise with Calvin and Hannah
Calvin with Hannah Grandfather James Green with Hannah

Obituary for Bertha Glass

We regret to announce the death of Bertha Mary Glass who passed away late in the afternoon on Monday 15th August, aged 90. The funeral took place the following day.

Bertha was born on 28th September 1925, the youngest of three children born to parents Harry and Ethel Swain. Bertha married Clement Glass on 23rd September 1947, and is survived by daughter Minnie and grandson Kevin.

Bertha always had a smile whenever you greeted her and loved telling stories of the “olden days”. Bertha enjoyed carding and spinning Island wool and was always there to lend a helping hand when needed. She worked as a part time cleaner for St. Mary’s School until her retirement aged 65, alongside her daughter Minnie.

She enjoyed going to the Potato Patches and enjoyed sheep shearing day most of all. Bertha attended church regularly until she fell ill last year. She will be missed dearly by her family and friends but will always be remembered for her kind heart and cheerful nature.

Obituary for Nola Evans

We regret to announce the death of Noeline Jacqueline Evans (known as Nola) in England on 13th August 2016 after a long illness, aged 72.

Nola was born on 7th September 1943 to parents James and Florence Swain, the second youngest of five daughters. After the volcanic eruption Nola was one of the islanders who married and stayed behind, settling down in the UK where she married Bert Evans. They went on to have four children, Richard, Linda, Deborah and James. Bert passed away some years ago and Nola only recently got remarried in April this year to Jim Ward.

Her funeral took place in Manchester on Wednesday 31st August with a memorial service in St Mary’s Church on Tristan at the same time. She is survived on Tristan by her sisters Daphne, Joyce, Nancy and Barbara and their families.

Nola was a cheerful, helpful, kind and sweet natured person who was always willing to help and give her time to others whenever they needed her, especially to family and friends. She would enter a room and light it up with her warm and loving smile, and whoever knew her would never forget her happy laugh. She returned to Tristan as often as she could throughout the past years visiting family and friends who were always happy to see her. Nola will be very, very sadly missed by all her close family, relatives and friends in UK and on Tristan and all who knew her. Her memory will live on in the lives she touched whom she has left behind. Nola was a great lady who will never be forgotten.

Her family in UK and on Tristan would like to extend thanks to everyone for their help and support during this sad time and for the kind messages of condolence sent.

Obituary for Richard Green

We regret to announce the death of Richard Patrick Green, who passed away unexpectedly late in the evening of 22nd July, aged 59. The funeral took place at 4pm the following afternoon.

Richard was born on 5th July 1957, to parents Harold and Amy Green. He is survived by his wife Francesca, son Rodney, grandson Connor, daughter–in-law Sarah, his parents and his younger sister Pamela Swain.

Richard was first employed in the fishing factory by Tristan Investments. He then changed jobs and worked for the Tristan Government Public Works Department until his death. He was a local fisherman, partnering his brother in-law Thomas Swain since they were teenagers. He was also a stevedore, and on the day of his death was working on board the MV Edinburgh helping with the off loading of cargo.

Richard was a hard worker, could turn his hand to any job, and will always be remembered for his wonderful cooking skills. He was a pleasant and caring person who would help anyone, no matter what they asked him to do. He always greeted people with a big-hearted, friendly smile and loved to play jokes.

He was cherished by his wife, son, grandson and family and a valued member of the community. He will be greatly missed by all those who knew him on the island and overseas. He leaves behind many treasured memories.

The family would like to thank everyone for their support. M any thanks are extended to all those who sent messages of sympathy and to those who supported the family during this distressing time.

Birth of Hannah Green

We are delighted to announce the birth of Hannah Letitia Denise Green, who born in Cape Town on the 10th July to proud parents Donna and Desmond Green.
Photos from Donna show Hannah on her own and with brother Calvin.

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Obituary for Betty Rogers

We regret to announce the death of Betty Agnes Rogers, who passed away peacefully in her sleep on 23rd April 2016, aged 68. The funeral took place the following afternoon.

Betty was born on 22nd April 1948 to parents Cyril and Ellen Rogers, and was one of nine children. She is survived by her mother Ellen, brothers Frank and Jeffrey and sisters Catherine, Jennifer, Jessica and Brenda.

Betty first worked at the Fishing Factory as a processor and then as a cleaner at St Mary's School. She is fondly remembered as a wonderful babysitter and often would baby-sit for many expatriates who had children. On outings to the Patches with the Guides and Brownies, Betty would always come along to help out with the cooking, making wonderful plum puddings. She had a kind and caring nature and all children loved her.

Betty Rogers
Photo of Betty at her home from brother Frank

Betty's sister Jessica, now living overseas, remembers her sister as someone who "was very caring, always smiling and loved a joke. She loved children and when we stayed on Tristan for a year Betty would look after my children cook their tea and baby-sit them. They all became very fond of her and would sometimes ask to stay home with her rather than go out with us. Betty didn't have an unkind word to say about anyone and always saw the best in people, she was kind and very hard working looking after the house and cooking and cleaning for Mum as she got older".

Betty was active for most of her life and enjoyed working at the Potato Patches with her late brother Henry. She will be greatly missed by her family and friends.

Obituary for Adam Swain

We regret to announce the death in England of Adam Swain on 1st March 2016, aged 80.

Adam was born on 17th February 1936, the eldest of three children of Norman and Maud Swain. He was evacuated from Tristan after the October 1961 volcanic eruption with his parents and sister Patricia, but his brother Sogneas was one of six Tristan Islanders then living in the Falkland Islands who joined their families later in England.

Photo of Adam taken during his last visit
to Tristan da Cunha in 2006 from Chris Bates

Adam, then aged 25, was chosen as a member of the Royal Society Expedition to Tristan da Cunha which made a crucial study of the volcanic eruption and its effect on the island. Adam and co-islander guide Joseph Glass flew to South Africa from London on 18th January 1962, travelling aboard SAS Transvaal to arrive at Tristan on 27th January. It was during this journey, on 22nd January, that Tristan islanders moved from their temporary home of Pendell Camp in Surrey to what was regarded as their new permanent home at Calshot in Hampshire. The expedition was picked up by HMS Protector on 20th March, having achieved most of its objectives. Official reports were negative with regard to the possible re-settlement of Tristan. However, when Adam and Joseph returned to join their families living at houses in Tristan Close Calshot on 13th April 1962, they led a demand by Tristan islanders to return home. Adam and Joseph were clear that the island was still suitable for habitation and their words “There is nothing to stop us going back. Everything is all right”, were heralded across the national press the following day. Therefore, Adam played a pivotal role in the island’s history.

Adam decided not to return to Tristan, instead remaining in England, where he married Margaret and they had two daughters, Tracy and Paula.

In March 1987 Adam appeared in the popular ITV programme ‘Surprise, Surprise’ hosted by Cilla Black. Expecting a celebration of his birthday a few weeks before, he was overcome when his sister Pat and mother Maud appeared on the show. They had travelled from Tristan starting with a voyage on the RMS St Helena to Cape Town, for an emotional reunion after more than 20 years.

Adam is survived in England by his wife Gwen, and his daughters Tracy and Paula, and on Tristan da Cunha by his sister Pat.

The Funeral Service took place on Tuesday 22nd March at All Saints Church, Fawley, followed by Committal at Blackfield Cemetery. A service was also held at the same time in St Mary’s Church on Tristan da Cunha.

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Wedding of Rodney Green and Sarah Glass

Report from Shirley Squibb photos from James Glass and Lorraine Repetto

Rodney Green and Sarah Glass were married
in a ceremony held in St Joseph's Church
at 3pm on 21st January
conducted by Lay Minister Anne Green.

A reception was then held in
the Prince Philip Hall
followed by an evening dance.

Rodney and Sarah would like to say thank you
to all those who helped,
Joy Stoffberg for all the shopping
and Shelley Hendrikse for the cake.

Left: Newly weds Rodney and Sarah outside the Prince Philip Hall whose door was specially decorated to welcome guests for the wedding reception and dance inside.

The Wedding Party including bride, groom, best man and bridesmaids.
Left to right: Back Row - Rhyanna Swain, Best Man Eugene Repetto, Natasha Glass, Sarah & Rodney Green & Chloe Glass
Middle row- Julie Green, Shannon Swain & Kieran Glass, Katie Repetto, Deanna Rogers, Connor Glass-Green & Chantelle Repetto
Front row - Kailey & April Swain

Back row - Chloe, Shannon, Sarah, Rhyanna, Julie & Chantelle
Front row - Deanna, Kieran, Katie, April, Connor & Kailey
Sarah and rodney with their parents
Left to right: Sarah's Parents, Felicity & James Glass,
Sarah & Rodney,
Rodney's parents Francesca & Richard Green

Sarah with her sons Connor and Kieran

April Swain and Connor at the dance

Obituary for Winnie Green

We regret to announce the death of Winifred Ann Green, known to everyone on Tristan as "Aunt Winnie", who passed away peacefully at her home on 10th January 2016, aged 89. The funeral was held at 2.00pm the following day.

Winnie was born on 17th January 1926 to parents Jack and Rosa Rogers and was the oldest of three children. She married the late Nelson Green on 18th June 1947, and their wedding was filmed by the ABC News. Their only child, Malcolm Jack Green, was born in 1951.

Winnie was active in the community and no stranger to hard work. She loved working in the potato patches, carding and spinning, and doing odd jobs around the house. She was someone who cared about others, who always offered a helping hand and who could never say no if someone needed her help. She always greeted you with a smile and will be greatly missed by family and friends.

Winnie is survived by her sister Monica, her son Jack, daughter-in-law Cynthia, her grandson Shane, Kelly and her Great-granddaughter Savanna.

The family would like to thank all those who sent messages of condolence.