Old beds from Tristan House, Cape Town were donated to The Haven and residents from the community of Langa South, an informal settlement bordering the township of Langa.

Tristan House 2024 Upgrade

Report from Michael Bertram. Photos by Sean Brophy

Under manager Vourn Brophy, we have tried to create a "home from home" for Tristanians living in Cape Town. Most of the guests are medevacs and their carers, either awaiting surgery or recuperating from surgery.

As part of our annual updating of equipment and furniture, Tristan House has secured funding from the FCDO to purchase new beds, bedding and furniture.

Acting Administrator Michael Bertram, secured the grants and utilised this grant to make a bulk purchase from "Makro" Cape Town, and suggested that we donate all the old beds to a local homeless charity.

Vourn made some phone calls and secured a well deserving homelessness charity, "The Haven", who are working in one of Cape Town's poorest areas, the Langa South township, and asked if they would like to come and collect the beds and the bedding for their use.

Loading the beds into The Haven's bakkie at Tristan House

Loading the beds into The Haven's bakkie at Tristan House.

Bedding too

Loading another bed.

Unloading in Langa South.

Unloading in Langa South.

Sean Brophy, made all the necessary arrangements, and was moved when one of the recipients told him "that he used to sleep on the floor while his wife and kids slept on a mattress". He added "that it was the first time since their children were born that they had slept in a bed together". In Sean's own words "a very heart warming story coming from the Tristanians' kindness".