Desiree Repetto married Philip Mansell in St Mary's Church on 19th March 2022.

Wedding of Philip Mansell and Desiree Repetto

Photos by Aniket Sardana

Philip Mansell and Desiree Repetto were married on the 19th March 2022 at St Mary's Church. Desiree otherwise known as Desi to family and friends is a Tristanian who resides in the Falkland Islands and travelled with her partner Philip Mansell (Phil) to Tristan for work related purposes. It was a long journey for the couple who travelled from the Falkland Islands, to the UK and then to Cape Town before finally arriving on Tristan in February.

The week leading up to the day of the wedding was very busy, as the venue had to be decorated, catering organised and final dress fittings ready for the big day. Family and friends were on hand to ensure everything ran smoothly.

With all weddings taking place in church, it is traditional on Tristan for the calling of Banns and due to the timescales involved. This was carried out the week previous.

The service was held at 3pm, family and friends gathered at the church to await the bride and groom's arrival. After the service Desi and Phil continued the tradition of visiting those who are elderly and unable to attend the wedding in person before making their way to the residency for photos and champagne. A dance was held in the evening and the whole community was invited to join in the celebrations.

Desi and Phil would like to thank all for their hard work in making their day special, for all the messages and calls they received and the photographers Aniket Sardana, Andy Schofield and Iris Green for capturing those special moments.

Desi and Phil with her parents Peter and Patricia Repetto Desi and Phil with her sister Noelene Swain her husband Neil Swain and great niece.
Desi and Phil with her son Eugene Repetto, grandson and grand nephew Desi with her bridesmaids (L-R):Glenda Rogers, Kirsty Repetto, Sharon Glass and Anita Repetto.
Front row Desi's grandaughter and niece
Desi and Phil at St Mary's Church Phil and Desi with her grand nephew
Desi and Phil with her son and his family Cutting of the cake
Desi and Phil on the dance floor Desi and Phil with her godchildren and partners (L-R): Wayne Swain and partner Conchita Repetto and Leo Glass and partner Rachel Green