Lars and Trina Repetto, Benny and Sylvia Green celebrated their 58th Wedding Anniversary on 20th January 2020

Lars and Trina Repetto, Benny and Sylvia Green's Anniversaries

Report and Photos by Iris Green

Lars and Trina Repetto, Benny and Sylvia Green celebrated their 58th wedding anniversaries on the 20th January 2020.

Lars, Trina, Benny and Sylvia were delighted to each receive a beautiful cake made by Henry and his wife Elizabeth Moses who currently reside in Cape Town. The cakes which were made as a gift made the long journey to Tristan on the MFV Edinburgh to mark the special occasions.

Henry Moses, whose late father Sam Moses is buried on Tristan is a long time friend of the islanders. He worked on the MV Tristania, one of the first fishing ships to export the famous lobster and is a regular visitor at the Tristan house in Cape Town.

The weddings took place in the UK in 1962 not long after the islanders evacuation of the 1961 volcanic eruption, while staying at Pendell Camp in Surrey. 

Lars and Trina Repetto Benny and Sylvia Green
Below: The beautiful decorated cakes made by Henry and Elizabeth Moses in Cape Town as a gift and shipped to Tristan.

At the time it was reported a special double wedding took place as Benny Green married Sylvia Repetto and Lars Repetto married Trina Glass on the last Saturday before their move to Calshot in three days time. Rev. Ron Brownrigg commented that perhaps one of the most memorable links with the Tristans has been the sequence of weddings in the last few days. Bletchingley Church was crammed with Tristans and locals’ side by side. The bridal parties maintained, unruffled by the TV and press cameras, their traditional poise and simple dignity, which the local community had come to recognise and respect.

The comment by the vicar refers to the fact that Peter Repetto married Pat Swain in the same Church on Tuesday 16th January, the three weddings fixed to occur before moving to Calshot on Tuesday 23rd January.

Photo above shows the happy couples on their special day on the 20th January 1962