Christening of Tristan da Cunha baby Noah Swain on 3rd May 2020.

Christening of Noah Swain

Photos from Natalie Swain

Noah Allan Swain was christened on Sunday the 3rd May at 8:30am in St Mary's Church, a reception was later held at 11:30am in the Prince Philip Hall.

Noah and his cake Noah with his parents Jason Green and Natalie Swain
Noah with his grandparents Mark and Paula Swain Noah with his grandparents Keith and Joanne Green

Godparents: Back Row (L-R) - Nathan Swain, Clifton Repetto, Leo Glass and Patrick Green

Middle Row - Kelly Green, Sophie & Nicky Swain, Eugene Repetto, Danny Swain and Donny Green,

Front Row - Caryn Green, Philip Rogers, Kevin Glass, Emma Swain, Rachel Green and Sasha Swain.

In the very front - Noah & Natalie Swain, Reverend Margaret Van Den Berg and Jason Green. 

Absent Godparents - Anton Dimitrov, Jade Repetto, Sara-Kay Yon and Tristan Swain