Photographs of Makayla Swain's 1st Birthday celebrations.

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Makayla Swain's 1st Birthday

Photos from Leanne Swain

Makayla Swain celebrated her 1st birthday in the Prince Philip Hall on the 19th January 2021, her actual birthday was on the 14th January 2021. The venue was beautifully decorated for the occassion with cards and messages displayed from friends and family.  Everyone enjoyed a wondeful day together with a traditional buffet for all to enjoy.  

Makayla with her grandparents - Cliff and Lille Swain, Gary and Rita Repetto
Makayla with her great grandparents -
Sylvia Green, Nora Swain and Joan Repetto
Makayla with her cake
and birthday messages

Godparents: Back Row (L-R) Graham Roger's, Tristan Glass, George Swain, Clifton Repetto, Steve Swain, Wayne Swain,
Riaan Repetto, Simon Glass and Makayla's father Julian Repetto.

Front Row (L-R) - Makayla's mother Leanne Swain along with godparents Natasha Glass , Rhyanna Swain , Kelly Swain , Janine Lavarello and Shannon Swain.

Absent Godparents: Dean Repetto, Jonathan Repetto, Janice Green and Catarina Tinoco.