Photographs of Christopher's 50th and Rhyanna's 18th Birthday celebrations.

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Christopher Swain and Rhyanna Swain's Birthday Celebrations

Photos from Rhyanna Swain

A joint celebration was held in the Prince Philip Hall on Saturday 19th October 2019 for Christopher Swain's 50th and Rhyanna Swain's 18th birthdays. Christopher's actual birthday was on the 12th January and Rhyanna's the 24th March, however the celebrations were postponed to await Rhyanna's arrival home.

Refreshments were served throughout the evening whilst homemade cakes and savouries lined the tables. A keen eye will note the famous Tristan Lobster as part of the traditional island birthday food spread.

Christopher's birthday cake was a fitting example of his enthusiasm for fishing which he enjoys to this day.

Rhyanna recently returned to Tristan on the SA Agulhas II after spending 2 years studying in England at Peter Symonds College.

Rhyanna with her brother Cedric Swain and parents Christopher and Beverley Swain
Christopher with his birthday cake Rhyanna with her birthday cake
Rhyanna with her brother Cedric Swain Christopher with his siblings (L-R); Cliff Swain, Tracy Swain, Maria Swain and Alison Swain
Christopher with his mother Nora Swain Rhyanna with her grandmother Nora Swain