The Tristan da Cunha Education Fund operated from 2006-2021 when it was merged with the TDCA.

Archive report

The Tristan da Cunha Association became a UK registered charity in 2021.

Previously, the association maintained the Tristan da Cunha Education Trust Fund which has now been closed and assets of £95,107.77 transferred to The Tristan da Cunha Association and protected in a separate Education Fund (EF) in support of the new charity's first object for educational purposes to maintain the integrity of historical donations for this cause.

Grants from Tristan Education Trust Fund

2013-2014 £2,000 to support the education of islanders Rachel Green and Janine Lavarello attending the Silvermine Academy, Cape Town
2018-2019 £15,000 to support the education islanders Jade Repetto, Janice Green and Rhyanna Swain attending Peter Symonds College, Winchester for A Level courses.
2019-2020 £16,000 to support the refurbishment of St Mary’s School, Tristan da Cunha following devastating storm damage in 2019.



When established in 2006, the TDCA aimed to raise £100,000 in the ETF to create a perpetual capital fund from which interest could be applied for education grants. If the total of grants paid (£33,000) is added to the closing capital retained in the new Education Fund (£95,107.77) then we can demonstrate that at least £128,107 has been raised since 2006 so the ETF must be regarded as a success.

Now the whole TDCA is a registered charity, with a wider range of Objects, we trust that we can attract more donations to help us support the world's most isolated community.