A revised 2019 edition of Nigel Humphries' photo guide to Tristan da Cunha in 1974-1978 has been published in aid of the Emergency Fund.

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'So This is Tristan da Cunha' update now available

So This is Tristan da Cunha: A Photo Guide to the World's Loneliest Island in the South Atlantic Ocean 1974-1978

by Nigel Humphries (former Head Teacher of the island school)

Book cover: Nigel Humphries 'So This is Tristan da Cunha' Longboat in Calshot Harbour
Tristan from Nightingale, and longboats in the harbour

Four decades on in 2019, the 28 page book: 'So this is Tristan da Cunha' has been re-written, and the illustrations greatly improved using techniques now available in the digital age.

All the original black and white photographs have been rescanned, and the text has been re-written. The cover is now in colour, with two of the author's watercolours, painted on Nightingale Island, on the back.

The inside back cover has an update entitled 'Where are they now?' which gives a short account of the Humphries family since they left Tristan.

All profits from the sale of this book will go to the Tristan da Cunha 2019 Storm Damage Emergency Fund.

To Order

Price: £5.00 + postage & packing (£1.50 UK or £3.95 overseas). P&P will be reduced on orders for multiple copies.

Please email your address to Nigel at humphries@tristandc.com, stating how many copies you want.
He will get back to you with the total price and payment details.