Photographs of Lillie Swain's 50th Birthday celebrations.

Lillie Swain's 50th Birthday

Photos from Tina Glass

Lillie Swain celebrated her 50th birthday on the 17th September 2017 but the actual day was on the 18th September.

Lillie Swain with her father and her mother-in-law

Lillie Swain (centre) with her father James Green and mother-in-law Nora Swain.

Lillie Swain with her godparents. Lillie Swain and her godchildren
Lillie with her godparents Evelyn Hagan and Ken Green Lillie and her godchildren
(L to R): Shannon Swain, Owen Glass and Kirsty Repetto.
Absent: Rhyanna Swain and Kora Lavarello Monaham

Lillie Swain with her husband, children & granddaughter. Lillie Swain with her brothers and sisters
Lillie with her husband, children & granddaughter (L to R): Sasha Green, Sophie Swain, Steve Swain, Lillie, Cliff Swain, Julian Swain & Leanne Swain Lillie with her brothers and sisters (L to R): Amanda Swain, Teresa Green, Grant Green, Lillie, Desmond Green & Samantha Swain