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Tristan da Cunha celebrates the lives of islanders who have passed away.

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Obituary for Andrew Glass

By Vera Glass

We regret to announce the death of Andrew Joseph Glass known as 'Sam' who passed away on 28th December 2017 aged 92.

He was born on 27th November 1925 to parents Gordon and Susan Glass (née Repetto), one of six children. He married Ivy Lavarello on 23rd June 1948, and they had one son Eric.

Andrew was evacuated to England when the 1961 volcano erupted, where he worked at the Royal Veterinary College in London. Back on Tristan, Andrew was employed in the Agricultural Department as a Shepherd until his retirement at the age of 65, which he enjoyed very much. He would often talk about the farmers that he worked with on the island.

Andrew loved climbing the mountain and walking to the beaches around the island, which he knew very well, and would always tell amazing stories about his adventures. He also spent a few months at Inaccessible Island with the Denstone Expedition team in 1982.

Andrew enjoyed growing vegetables in his garden, not only for himself but to share with others. He was a kind and humble man and will be sadly missed by his son Eric, brother Eric, sister Ada, and all his relatives and friends.

Andrew Glass

Sad Passing of Tina Glass

By Dawn Repetto

We are very sad to announce the death of Tina Glass, who passed away suddenly on the 4th January 2018, aged 47.

We expect to add a full obituary in due course.

Tina Glass

Obituary for Mary Lavarello

By Rhyanna Swain

We regret to announce the death of Mary Ann Lavarello, who passed away in Cape Town on the 22nd of October 2017, aged 82. She was born to parents Thomas and Victoria Glass (nee Swain) on the 8th January 1935, and was the eldest of three children. Mary married Gabriel Lavarello on 30th January 1957 and they had three children, Marion, Beverley and John.

Mary worked as a processor for the fishing company and did a lot of community work, helping out in the Church as well. Mary loved helping people in any way she could. She loved cooking and was famous for her cakes and Jam puddings. Mary especially loved knitting which she continued until she fell ill in late September 2017.

Mary Lavarello
Mary was a kind and loving person, and always greeted you with a warm, friendly smile. She will be greatly missed by all her family and friends on the Island as well as overseas. She is survived by her daughters Marion and Beverley, son John, sister Amy, Brother Roger, son-in-laws Christopher and Albert, daughter-in-law Vanessa, and by her grandchildren Cedric, Rhyanna, Patrick and Lynette. The family would like to thank all those who sent messages of sympathy during this sad time.

Obituary for Bridget Green

Obituary for Tristan da Cunha islander Bridget Green, who passed away 4th December 2017, aged 87.
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Obituary for Daphne Repetto

Obituary for Tristan da Cunha islander Daphne Repetto, who passed away 13th September 2017, aged 81.
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Obituary for Alfred Rogers

Obituary for Tristan da Cunha islander Alfred Rogers, who passed away 19th January 2017, aged 65.
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Obituary for Margaret Swain

Obituary for Tristan da Cunha islander Margaret Swain, who passed away 15th March 2017, aged 75 in Cape Town.
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Obituary for Barton Green

Obituary for Tristan da Cunha islander Barton Green, who passed away 6th March 2016, aged 83.
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Obituary for Frances Green

Obituary for Tristan da Cunha islander Frances Green, who passed away 10th October 2016, aged 93.
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