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Obituary for Daphne Repetto

by Iris Green

We regret to announce the death of Daphne Repetto who passed away on Tuesday 13th September 2017, aged 81.

Daphne was born Daphne Teresa Swain on the 20th October 1935 to James and Florence Swain, and was the eldest of five daughters. She married Ernest Repetto on 22nd July 1957. They had one son Clive, who was born in 1958, but sadly Clive died from asthma related symptoms just before his 11th birthday in April 1969.

She spent a lot of time looking after the children of family and friends as well as helping them in a variety of other ways. Daphne worked as a processor for the fishing company into her seventies, until the onset of dementia prevented her working any longer. She had also worked in the past as housekeeper for Agricultural Officer Stiubhard Kerr-Liddell.

Daphne was a fun loving person who enjoyed parties and having a laugh. She passed away on the 13th September after a short time in hospital. She will be greatly missed by family and friends on the island as well as overseas.

She is survived by her husband Ernest and sisters Joyce, Nancy and Barbara.

Daphne Repetto

Daphne Repetto pictured with her husband Ernie on her 80th birthday.

Obituary for Alfred Rogers

Alfred Rogersby Geraldine Repetto and Gerald Rogers

We regret to announce the death of Alfred Thomas Rogers on Thursday 19th January 2017, aged 65 in a very tragic vehicle accident. Although named Alfred he was known to everyone as 'Toddo'.

Toddo was born on the 16th February 1951, to parents Marjorie and Rudolph Rogers. He was first employed by the Tristan Government Public Works Department and after a few years he changed jobs and went to work for the Agriculture Department. Later he resumed employment in the Public Works Department, where he worked even after retirement until the day he passed away. During this time he was also employed as a local fisherman, from the age of 15 years old, partnering his brother Patrick Rogers up to the day before his death. He had a huge passion for fishing and took great pride in his work.

Toddo was a pleasant, caring man who always greeted people with a big friendly smile. He loved to play jokes with all who knew him. As most people know he was a hard worker and could turn his hand to any job. He was always willing to help others and was well known for driving the Dieci Mixer. He enjoyed going on Nightingale trips, loved working in his potato patches, which he took pleasure in, and tending to his animals. He loved his country music and family and friends would witness him listening to this on many occasions. Family meant the world to him. As a valued member of the Tristan community he will be greatly missed by all those who knew him on the Island and overseas.

Toddo is survived by his wife Rhoda, children Gerald Rogers (in the UK) and Geraldine Repetto; grandchildren Ryan and Genna Rogers (in the UK), Chantelle and Katie Repetto; son-in-law Paul Repetto; sister Doreen Swain; brothers Ronald, Roy and Patrick Rogers.

The family would like to thank everyone for their kind support and messages of sympathy during this very distressing time.

Obituary for Margaret Swain

Margaret Swain

By Hazel Carter

It is with great sadness to announce the passing of Margaret Laura Swain aged 75 on Wednesday 15th March 2017 in Cape Town.

Born on Tristan Da Cunha on the 3rd June 1941 to Richard and May Swain, she had one sibling Rupert Swain. Margaret Married Sogneas Swain in 1965 and they had four children.

Margaret was a kind, generous caring person who always put others before herself. She worked for many of the expatriates and was fondly remembered as a wonderful caring person who could light up the room with her radiant smile and grace. She also enjoyed working in the factory until her illness prevented her from working a few months ago and was known as a hard worker who never complained and got on with the job.

Margaret believed strongly in her faith and never missed church regardless of the weather. She was a member of the mothers union which was held regularly in the church or home.

Margaret leaves behind her daughters Glynis Swain, Christine Swain, Hazel Carter, her son Dennis Swain, grandson Thomas Swain and Son-in-law Barry Carter. She also leaves behind her brother Rupert.

The family would like to thank all those that supported Margaret and her family, for the messages of condolence, and all who joined them for the services both on Tristan and in Cape Town.

Always in our hearts, gone but not forgotten.

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