Tristan da Cunha Birthdays
Birthdays are big family events on Tristan da Cunha, and here we present photographic reports of recent celebrations.

Joe Hollins' Party

Tristan's expat vet, Joe Hollins, turned 60 during his tour of duty on the island, and celebrated it in true Tristan style.
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Paul Repetto's 50th Birthday

 Report and photos from Geraldine Repetto

Paul Repetto celebrated his 50th birthday on the 23rd September 2017 but his actual birthday was the 5th October.

Paul Repetto with wife and daughters Paul Repetto with his birthday cake Paul with his godmother Janet Lavarello
Paul with his wife Geraldine and daughters Chantelle and Katie Paul with his birthday cake, devorated with mechanic's tools. Paul with godmother Janet Lavarello.
Absent godparents: Roger Glass & Asturias (Tordy) Repetto.

Paul Repetto with his mother and father, Trina and Lars Repetto

Paul Repetto with his mother and father, Trina and Lars Repetto

Paul with two of his godchildren

Paul with godchildren Michelle Green & Aiden Repetto.
Absent godchildren in the UK: Genna Rogers, Ryan Rogers, Megan Elsmore & Abbie Smith.
In Cape Town: Alexandra Nagel

Paul Repetto with his brother and cousins


Paul with his brother Andre Repetto and cousins
Valerie Nagel and Lorna Lavarello-Smith

Roy Rogers 65th Birthday

Photos from Geralding Repetto

Roy Rogers celebrated his 65th birthday on the 16th September 2017 although his actual birthday
is on the 2nd September.

Roy Rogers

Above: Roy Rogers with his birthday cake

Upper right: Roy with his brothers and sister
(L to R): Patrick Rogers, Ronald Rogers
and Doreen Swain

Lower right: Roy and his godsons Gerald Rogers
and Philip Rogers

Roy Rogers and his brothers and sister
Roy Rogers and his godsons

Dean Repetto's 21st and Randal Repetto's 15th Birthdays

Photographs of Dean Repetto's 21st and Randal Repetto's 15h birthday celebrations.
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Lillie Swain's 50th Birthday

Photographs of Lillie Swain's 50th Birthday celebrations.
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Granny Ellen's 99th birthday

Photographs of Ellen Rogers' 99th Birthday celebrations.
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Maureen Green's 65th Birthday

Photographs of Maureen Green's 65th birthday celebrations.
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Marlene Swain's 65th Birthday

Photographs of Marlene Swain's 65th birthday celebrations.
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Hannah Green's 1st Birthday

Photographs of Hannah Green's 1st Birthday celebrations.
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