Tristan da Cunha Birthdays
Birthdays are big family events on Tristan da Cunha, and here we present photographic reports of recent celebrations.

Joe and Anne Green's Birthdays

Photos from Tina Glass

Anne Green's 65th Birthday was on the 21st March and her husband Joseph's 70th Birthday was on the 8th June but their joint party was held on the 9th June 2017.

Joe and Anne's family
Joe and Anne's family - L to R: Martin, Caryn, Sasha, Keith, Sophie, Anne, Jason, Joe, Joanne and Iris Green
(absent granchild Rachel Green)
Joe and Anne Green Joe and Anne's cakes
Joe and Anne Green Joe and Anne's cakes
Joe and Anne's with their godchildren
Godchildren - L to R: Trevor Glass, Matthew Green, Joe, Noelene Swain, Deanna Rogers, Anne Green, Conchita Repetto, Graham Rogers and Sandra Rogers. (absent Norman Glass)

Janice Green's 16th and Dylan Green's 13th birthday party

Photos from Tina Glass

Sister and brother Janice and Dylan Green held joint birthday celebrations on the 13th May 2017. Dylan was 13 on 11th May, while Janice's 16th birthday celebration was brought forward from September.

Dylan and Janice Green with their parents Renee and Shaun.
Dylan and Janice Green with their parents Renee and Shaun.
Janice and Dylan Green. v
Janice and Dylan Green. Janice with her friends Rhyanna Swain and Jade Repetto.

Colin Hagan's 50th birthday

Photos from Tina Glass

Colin Hagan's 50th birthday was on the 29th March 2017 but was celebrated on the 3rd May.

Colin Hagan Priscilla and Colin Hagan
Colin Hagan cuts his birthday cake. Colin and his wife Priscilla.
Godmother Minnie Glass and Colin Hagan Colin Hagan with his godchildren
Colin with his godmother Minnie Glass
(Absent godfathers: James Green and Allan Swain)
Colin with godchildren (left to right) Kaitlyn Hagan, Katie Repetto, Shannon Swain and Donna Green
(Absent: Anne-Marie Collins, Danny Swain and Randall Repetto)

Sheila Glass's 60th birthday

Photograph of Sheila Glass's 60th Birthday celebrations.
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Amy Green's 80th Birthday

Photographs of Amy Green's 80th Birthday celebrations.
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Beverley Swain 50th Birthday

Photographs of Beverley Swain's 50th Birthday celebrations.
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Ken Green's 70th Birthday

Photographs of Ken Green's 70th Birthday celebrations.
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Jade Repetto and Rhyanna Swain's 16th Birthday Party

Photographs of Jade Repetto and Rhyanna Swain's joint 16th Birthday celebrations.
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Agnes Lavarello's 80th Birthday

Photographs of Agnes Lavarello's 80th Birthday celebrations.
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