Tristan da Cunha Birthdays
Birthdays are big family events on Tristan da Cunha, and here we present photographic reports of recent celebrations.

Agnes Lavarello's 80th Birthday

Photos from Tina Glass

Agnes Lavarello celebrated her 80th birthday at home with family and friends on the 8th March 2017.

Agnes Lavarello with her family Agnes Laverello with her godchildren.
Agnes Lavarello with her family, left to right: Ian (son), Agnes, Gilbert (husband), & Nigel (son).
Absent: Granddaughter Michelle Lavarello.
Left to right: Godchildren Carlene Glass Green, Renee Green, Agnes, & Shelia Glass.
Absent: Elizabeth Rogers & Roy Rogers.

Kelly Swain's 18th Birthday

Kelly Swain's 18th birthday was on the 19th February 2017, but she celebrated it on the 17th instead.

Kelly Swain and her family
The Swain family (left to right):  Shannon, Larry, Kelly and Tracy Swain
Kelly Swain with grandmother Nora Swain. Kelly Swain with her 18th birthday cake Kelly Swain and her godchildren
Kelly with grandmother Nora Swain. Kelly Swain and her birthday cake. Kelly and godchildren (left to right): Sophie Swain, (front): Kailey Swain & Holly Rogers.
Kelly with her grandparents Allan and Marlene Swain Kelly Swain and her boyfriend Riaan Repetto
Kelly with her granparents Allan and Marlene Swain Kelly with her boyfriend Riaan Repetto.
Kelly Swain and her godparents
Godparents (left to right): Cliff Swain, Dawn Repetto, Raymond Green, Tanya Green Christopher Swain, Kelly Swain Maria & Alison Swain. (Absent Norman Glass.)

Linda Green's 18th Birthday

Linda Green's 18th birthday party was held on the 11th February 2017 in the community centre and everyone was welcomed.

Linda Green's 18th Birthday Party

Left to Right: Back row: Godparents Daniel Rogers, Larry Swain, Christopher Swain, Colin Hagan, James Glass, Teresa Green, Tanya Green & Carlene Green
Front row: Louisa, Judith & Linda Green, Denise Rogers, Alison Swain & Dawn Repetto

Linda Green with her godchildren

Above left: Linda and her godchildren
(left to right) Linda Green, Hanna Rogers,
Kailey Repetto, and Holly Green

Above right: Linda and her family
(left to right) Linda, Raymond, Calum and Julie Green

Below right: Linda with grandparents
(left to right) Anthony and Caroline Rogers,
and Audrey and Anderson Green

Linda Green and her family
Linda Green with her grandparents.

Cynthia Green's 50th Birthday

Photographs of Cynthia Green's 50th Birthday celebrations.
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Dawn Repetto's 40th Birthday

Photograph of Dawn Repetto's 40th Birthday celebration.
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Terry Green's 65th Birthday

Photographs of Terry Green's 65-th Birthday celebrations.
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Donald Hagan's 80th Birthday

Photographs of Donald Hagan's 80th birthday celebrations.
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Margaret Repetto's 80th Birthday

Photographs of Margaret Repetto's 80th birthday celebrations.
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Tristan's eldest resident Ellen Rogers celebrates 98th birthday

Photographs of Ellen Rogers's 98th birthday celebrations.
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