Tristan da Cunha News Abroad
This page publicises an assortment of information from across the world related to Tristan da Cunha.

New FCO Tristan Desk Officer appointed

Andrew Sigley becomes FCO Desk Officer for Tristan da Cunha
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Visits to Peter Symonds College

Tristan group tour Winchester's Peter Symonds College ahead of admission for Tristan students in 2017
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Tristan email problems

Warning for email users not to send attachments presently
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Dutch artist displays first Tristan inspired work in Amsterdam

Sarah van Sonsbeeck's solo show at Annet Gelink Gallery opens on 4th March 2017
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Norman Glass gains Yachtmaster Ocean qualification

Tristan islander Norman Glass gains yacht skipper qualification after six month course
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Tristan Family Reunion in Cape Town

Photos of a Tristan family reunion in Cape Town on New Year's Day 2017
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100 Words from Tristan da Cunha on show in London

Artist Naomi Ellis displays her first publication at Altered Realities Exhibition at the London's Lethaby Gallery 22nd February–15th March 2017
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Tristan represented at Brexit OTs meeting

Tristan Government Adviser Jim Kerr attends crucial Overseas Territories Brexit meeting with UK Ministers
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Darmstadt's Tristan-lunch-team

Thanks to the website, a team of software developers in Darmstadt, Germany, have become fans of Tristan da Cunha.
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