Tristan da Cunha News Abroad
This page publicises an assortment of information from across the world related to Tristan da Cunha.

Tristan represented at Isle of Man UKOT Meeting

3rd UK Overseas Territories Environment Ministers' Meeting attended by James Glass and Jim Kerr.
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2018 Commonwealth Day Service at Westminster Abbey

Tristan da Cunha represented at annual Westminster Abbey Service
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Ian Lavarello and Dilys Green Visit Family in Munich

The following pictures show Chief Islander Ian Lavarello and his partner Dilys Green visiting her daughter Mariah Leitner and her family in Munich, Germany for Christmas 2017.

Having fun in the snow in Munich with Liam and Amelia Leitner.

Chief Islander prepares for Winter Olympics - with Liam and Amelia Leitner.

Ian and Dillys braving the snow in Mariahs garden. Dilys, Ian, Marko, Amelia and Liam at the Christmas market in Munich.
Ian and Dilys braving the snow in Mariah's garden. Dilys & Ian with Marko, Amelia and Liam Leitner at the Christmas market in Munich.