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Old Tristan Bank Notes cashed at the Bank of England

Chris Carnegy makes sure the Tristan da Cunha Government are not short-changed
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House of Commons motion congratulates Tristan Post Office

Role in drawing attention to conservation issues highlighted
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Film showing Kieran Glass in New York

Kieran Glass prominent in new UNESCO film

UNESCO photo of Prince Albert of Monaco giving Tristan Islander Kieran Glass
a 'High Five' during World Oceans Day on 8th June 2017

Following our website report and feature in the August 2017 Tristan da Cunha Newsletter, a new film has been published by UNESCO in September 2017 which can be viewed by following this link:

UNESCO film featuring Kieran Glass at New York World Ocean Day Event

Kieran and his grandmother Felicity arrived back on Tristan aboard MFV Geo Searcher on 31st August 2017 after their epic trip to UK and USA. They departed Tristan on the maiden voyage of the Geo Searcher back on 25th April, so have been away from the island for over over four months. This puts into perspective how signifificant it was that a 10 year old school boy from the world's most isolated community could so ably represent the island by promoting the Gough and Inaccessible Island Woirld Heritage Site at the prestigious World Ocean Day on 8th June.

UNESCO photo of a model boat displayed in the New York Explorer's Club
which was signed by Kieran (left sail centre bottom)
and other UNESCO World Heritage Site representatives in June 2017.

The photos were sent by Kieran's grandfather James Glass who remains in Cape Town before his planned return to Tristan aboard MFV Edinburgh later this month. James and his wife Felicity travelled to USA with Kieran for his special trip.

Key Stakeholders meet to discuss Tristan's Blue Belt Commitment

Workshop held at the London FCO for Tristan to plan its strategy to protect its marine environment by 2020.
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Tristan represented at Overseas Territories Brexit talks

Tristan Government UK Adviser Chris Carnegy attends four days of OT's Brexit talks in London.
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Tristan Representative attends UK legal seminar

Tristan UK Representative Chris Carnegy attends June 2017 London legal seminar
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Kieran Glass represents UK and Tristan at World Heritage Event

Kieran Glass makes Ocean Pledge at New York UNESCO event
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Tristan Exhibition at Fawley Heritage Event

Tristan History featured in Hampshire Event near Calshot
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Pointless Web Story

Tristan da Cunha featured on BBC Pointless
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