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Centenary of the RAF 1918-2018, 45p, Felixstow F.5

70th Anniversary of the 'Tristan Venture'

New Stamps Issued: 12th March 2018 - Full Details and Order Form

Centenary of the RAF 1918-2018, 55p, Supermarine Southampton I
1954 Tristan stamp showing a crawfish

Centenary of the RAF 1918-2018

Issued: 2nd July 2018 - Full Details

Front cover of a South African shipping magazine in which the venture was reported
Centenary of the RAF 1918-2018, £1.60, Supermarine S.6B Schneider Tropy Winner, 1931 Captain L.E.Pettit and Rev.C.P.Lawrence MV Pequena Centenary of the RAF 1918-2018, £2.00, Sunderland Mk V

Tristan da Cunha

is an active volcanic island with rare wildlife and home to 253 British Citizens living in the world's most isolated settlement of Edinburgh of the Seven Seas far from the madding crowd in the South Atlantic Ocean.
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