The yacht 'Nina Pope' sank in a storm on the 14th March 2024, two days after she visited Tristan.

Tragic Sequel to the Visit by Yacht Nina Pope

Yacht Nina Pope off Tristan

We are very sad to report that on the 14th March 2024, two days after leaving Tristan, the yacht Nina Pope was damaged during a storm and sank.

The oil tanker Front Pollux responded to a call for assistance, and two of the crew were safely rescued. They are on their way to Cape Town. Sadly however, the yacht's captain perished

This information was received from one of the survivors. We will post a further report if and when more details become available.

We are thankful that two crew members were rescued, and our thoughts and prayers are with the captain's wife and family.

The Nina Pope off Tristan on the 12th March 2024