Ship arrives at the island

Baltic Trader returns to Tristan service

Report from Cynthia Green
Updated on 15th January 2021

MV Baltic Trader has been brought back into service by Ovenstones and departed Cape Town on 1st January 2021 on a delayed cargo and passenger trip. The vessel replaces the MFV Edinburgh, which has resumed its role as the company's main fishing vessel after the loss of the MFV Geo Searcher, wrecked off Gough Island, in October 2020.

The Baltic Trader arrived at Tristan on Sunday 10th January. Passengers stayed on board as a Covid quarantine precaution until 6.30pm GMT on Thursday 14th January when they were brought ashore. 

Passengers were: Islanders David & Doreen Swain, Vera & Stephanie Glass, Barbara Glass, Renee & Dylan Green; and Occupational Therapist Kate Sherry.

Archive photo by Bernard Pronost showing the MV Baltic Trader offloading
whilst at anchor off the Tristan Settlement in November 2017.