Departure from Tristan da Cunha 22nd February 2020

Edinburgh February 2020 Voyage

Report from Cynthia Green

Return to Cape Town

The MFV Edinburgh arrived back at Cape Town on Sunday 1st March 2020.

Departure from Tristan

The following passengers boarded the MFV Edinburgh during the afternoon of Saturday 22nd February and she sailed for Cape Town at 6pm: Islanders Sheila & Warren Glass, Joan & Randall Repetto, Robin, Dawn, Jade & Amber Repetto, Herbert Glass; Rob Mrowicki, Emma Nolan and Jacoba-Kumi Joubert.

MFV Edinburgh anchored off Tristan da Cunha

Arrival at Tristan

MFV Edinburgh arrived at Tristan at about 06:00 on Wednesday 19th February. Passengers came ashore just after 09:00 GMT and then offloading started.

Departure from Cape Town

MFV Edinburgh departed Cape Town on Wednesday 12th February 2020 at about 5.30pm.

Passengers aboard are: Islanders Jason Green, Natalie Swain, Noah Green, Julian Repetto, Leanne Swain, Makayla Swain, Edward & Rebecca Rogers, Linda Green and Evelyn Hagan; Clinton, Roxanne, Joshua & Logan de Bod and Gavin Jack. Unusually the Edinburgh is carrying fifteen people as Noah, Makayla and Logan are under a year old and so share accommodation with their parents. 

Agriculture Adviser Gavin Jack is returning to Tristan after a gap of 44 years: see Gavin Jack for more.