Gavin Jack to work on AI Sheep Breeding Programme

Farmer Returns after 44 years

Nostalgic Return to Tristan

Gavin Jack

Aboard the MFV Edinburgh which departed from Cape Town on 12th February 2020 is Gavin Jack, returning to the island where he was Agricultural Officer 1972-1976. Gavin will help Neil Swain with a sheep artificial insemination programme and other farming matters.

We hope that Gavin will be able to submit a report with photos of his Tristan visit for the website and the August Newsletter.

Gavin with Neil Swain when they met in August 2016

Gavin renewed his friendship with Neil Swain when they met in August 2016 when Neil was studying at Harper Adams University in Shropshire. Neil came to work with Gavin in the Agriculture Department when he left St Mary's School in 1974.

Gavin commented at the time:

Some of the happiest days of my life were spent on Tristan and while I left Tristan 40 years ago Tristan never leaves me!

Our meeting was just absolutely wonderful. It was like we had never been apart in all those years. We chatted of old times and, of course, about farming on Tristan and it is good to know that Neil has had an interesting time at Harper Adams. He has found some useful ideas to try back on Tristan. It will not be long before there will be strawberries growing in Tristan gardens!