News of farming matters and activities on Tristan da Cunha for the years 2006 to 2013.

Sheep Shearing Day 2021

The annual Sheep Shearing Day was held on the 3rd December 2021.
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Sheep Shearing Day, December 2020

The annual Sheep Shearing Day was held on the 12th December 2020.
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New Page: Tristan da Cunha Sheep Shearing Day

The annual shearing day usually happens in the run up to Christmas. With the flock already gathered in the pens, the whole community helps to sort and shear the sheep.
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King Birds Breeding at The Potato Patches

Antarctic Terns are once again breeding at the Patches in 2020.
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Farmer Returns after 44 years

Gavin Jack to work on AI Sheep Breeding Programme
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2019 Sheep Shearing Day

Annual Sheep Shearing Day 2019, held January 2020
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Tristan Islanders complete St Helena Training

Working with Agriculture and Natural Resources Department
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Agricultural Adviser's Final Report

Agricultural Adviser Alasdair Wyllie reports on progress with farming on Tristan as he leaves Tristan for the last time.
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Page Updated: Tristan da Cunha Farming

All Tristanians are farmers. Potatoes are the principle crop, grown at The Patches, and cattle and sheep are the main livestock, with numbers controlled to prevent overgrazing.
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