Annual Sheep Shearing Day 2019, held January 2020

Event News

2019 Sheep Shearing Day

Report and photos from Dawn Repetto

The 2019 annual Sheep Shearing Day was held a little later than usual on Saturday 18th January 2020, normally it is held in December.  It started out as a cool calm day with a bit of sunshine later on in the day.  The community was most grateful for the cool weather as they all gathered at the sheep pen early morning.  The event was underway and the youngsters were soon busy chasing sheep and lambs for shearing.  Early afternoon everyone returned home where braais and meals were soon cooked and enjoyed for the hungry workers.  Celebrations carried well on into the night and everyone was grateful that it had been a successful shearing day.

Birds eye view of the sheep pen
Photo taken by Robin Repetto shows a fantastic birds eye view of the sheep pen as the day unfolds
Warren Glass with one of the sheep he caught Nathan Swain busy with the shearing process
Sheep making their way into the pens after being rounded up ready for shearing, the well trained sheep dogs will be nearby after doing their bit Bewildered looking sheep awaiting their turn, note the colourful markings used for identification
Christopher Swain busy with the shears, Christopher is using a pair of manual sheep shearing tools, a skill the islanders have passed down for generations Gladys Lavarello helping to sort wool which will soon be processed and spun into yarn.
Even the youngsters get busy (L-R): Connor Green, Aiden and Ella Repetto and Owen Glass Sheared fleeces of wool, packed and ready to taken home for the next stage of the process.  See the end products in the online store Handicrafts
View of the sheep pen