Tristan da Cunha Ratting Day
Ratting Day is the annual tradition when teams of Tristan da Cunha men compete to rid the Potato Patches of rats.

2019 Ratting Day

Report from Kelly Green, Results from Vanessa Lavarello, and Photos from Randal Repetto

The Second Watron Gang digging for rats
The Second Watron Gang digging for rats.
The Second Watron Gang collecting tails
Collecting tails after the hunt.
On Friday the 24th May 2019, the 'gong' sounded at around 7:00am to alert the community it was ratting day. The ladies packed bags with eats and drinks for the men before they set off with their dogs to hunt rats. This ratting day was the nicest it has been in a long time! The sun was shining and best of all there was no rain! Later on in the morning the women, in their groups, headed to the patches to start preparing a yummy lunch for their men. After their bellies are filled the men must once again head back to the settlement still continuing to hunt rats to get back in time for the counting and measuring of the tails! The team that won this year was 'Jacks Pieces' they took both prizes for the most tails and longest tail, measuring 30.8cm. All together 407 tails were caught.

Measuring the longest rat's tail.

Above: Measuring for the longest tail in the vet clinic.

Below: Sorting and counting the rats' tails.
Sorting and counting the rats' tails. Sorting and counting the rats' tails.


Tails per Man


Longest Tail

First prize:Jacks Pieces40.5   First prize:Jacks Pieces30.8cm
Second prize:Second Watron34.6.5   Second prize:Below the Hill30cm
Third prize:Below the Hill14.86      

Booby Prize:


Total number of Rats Caught


Full Results

Team Below The Hill Coolers Farm Jack's Pieces Redbody Hill Second Watron Twitty Patch
Total Tails 104 22 0 81 27 173 0
Total per Man 14.86 11 0 40.5 13.5 34.6 0
Longest Tail 30cm 23.5cm - 30.8cm 23.5cm 27cm -