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2019 Ratting Day

Report from Kelly Green, Results from Vanessa Lavarello, and Photos from Randal Repetto

The Second Watron Gang digging for rats
The Second Watron Gang digging for rats.
The Second Watron Gang collecting tails
Collecting tails after the hunt.
On Friday the 24th May 2019, the 'gong' sounded at around 7:00am to alert the community it was ratting day. The ladies packed bags with eats and drinks for the men before they set off with their dogs to hunt rats. This ratting day was the nicest it has been in a long time! The sun was shining and best of all there was no rain! Later on in the morning the women, in their groups, headed to the patches to start preparing a yummy lunch for their men. After their bellies are filled the men must once again head back to the settlement still continuing to hunt rats to get back in time for the counting and measuring of the tails! The team that won this year was 'Jacks Pieces' they took both prizes for the most tails and longest tail, measuring 30.8cm. All together 407 tails were caught.

Measuring the longest rat's tail.

Above: Measuring for the longest tail in the vet clinic.

Below: Sorting and counting the rats' tails.
Sorting and counting the rats' tails. Sorting and counting the rats' tails.


Tails per Man


Longest Tail

First prize:Jacks Pieces40.5   First prize:Jacks Pieces30.8cm
Second prize:Second Watron34.6.5   Second prize:Below the Hill30cm
Third prize:Below the Hill14.86      

Booby Prize:


Total number of Rats Caught


Full Results

Team Below The Hill Coolers Farm Jack's Pieces Redbody Hill Second Watron Twitty Patch
Total Tails 104 22 0 81 27 173 0
Total per Man 14.86 11 0 40.5 13.5 34.6 0
Longest Tail 30cm 23.5cm - 30.8cm 23.5cm 27cm -

Queen's Day 2019

Report by Shirley Squibb with additional photos by Sean Burns & Aniket Sardana

Winners lists from Geraldine Repetto added 16th March 2019

This year's Queen's Day was originally planned for Friday 1st March 2019, but bad weather meant it had to be postponed. In fact it was not until Wednesday 6th March that the Chief Islander was able to ring the gong to signal Queen's Day. It was a lovely day with a busy schedule (see below). It started with the competitions in the morning, while the afternoon was filled with a variety of activities, which came to a close with a game of football rounders. Everyone then visited the Residency for the reception where the Admin addressed the community and gave out prizes for the competitions.

Spectators at St Mary's School

Spectators at St Mary's School

Queen's day is always a fun day out for the community, where everyone can congregate together and relax. It is especially enjoyed by the children who goes home with lots of prizes and exhausted from an active day.


06.30 Start of fishing Competition for adults and children age 5-16yrs - Organised by Fisheries
09.30-11.00 Assembly of competition exhibits/entries at St Mary's School:
12.00 Judging
1.00 Events held at St. Mary's School and American Fence:
2.00 Variety of Children's Games - Organised by St Mary's School
3.00 Football Rounder's - Organised by Electrical and Plumbing
5.00-6.00 Administrator and Mrs Burns' reception, raffle and presentation of prizes at the Residency.

In addition, St Mary's School held a Queen's Day swimming gala at the swimming pool on the 8th March, reported separately - Swimming Gala 2019.

Children's Games and Events at St Mary's School

Class 1 running race Playgroup running race
Class 1 running race Playgroup running race
Potato and spoon race Sack race
Potato and spoon race Sack race
Sack race Three-legged race
Sack race Three-legged race

Children's Games Results

 25 metres Race
  1st-Savanna Green
  2nd-Owen Glass
 25 metres Potato & Spoon Race
  1st-Savanna Green
  2nd-Owen Glass
 Heat Number Two
  1st-Ella Repetto
  2nd-Holly Rogers
 25 metres Sack Race
  1st-Savanna Green
  2nd-Holly Rogers
 25 metres Three Legged Race
  1st-Savanna Green & Owen Glass
  2nd-Ella Repetto & Holly Rogers
Class 1
 25 metres Race
  1st-Aiden Repetto
  2nd-Kailey Swain
 Potato and Spoon Race
  1st-Aiden Repetto
  2nd-Kailey Swain
 Sack Race
  1st-Aiden Repetto
  2nd-April Swain
 Three Legged Race
  1st-Lucas Swain & Aiden Repetto
  2nd-April Swain & Kailey Swain
Class 2
 25 metres Race
  1st-Lucas Swain
  2nd-Katie Repetto
 Potato and Spoon Race
  1st-Katie Repetto
  2nd-Lucas Swain
 Sack Race
  1st-Katie Repetto
  2nd-Lucas Swain
 One Legged Race
  1st-Lucas Swain

Events at the School

Art competition Art competition
Art competition
Pot luck Pot luck
Pot luck Pot luck
Popcorn/Straw Game Darts
Popcorn/Straw Game Darts

Art Competition Results

Playgroup age 3 - 5 Class 1 & 2 age 5 - 7 Class 3 & 4 age 10 - 14 Class 5 age 14 - 16
 1st-Tyler Swain  1st-Kailey Swain  1st-Amber Repetto  1st-Nathan Swain
 2nd-Ella Repetto  2nd-Katie Repetto  2nd-Kieran Glass  2nd-Chloe Glass

The Produce Show

Organised by the Agriculture Department

Raw potato sculpture Strangest shaped potatoes
Raw potato sculpture
with Traditional Fried Sweet Cakes behind
Strangest shaped potatoes,
looking more like root ginger

Potato rockhopper penguin

First prize potato rockhopper penguin

Aniket holding two turnips

Aniket judging two turnips

Beetroot Cabbages
Beetroot Cabbages
Tomatoes Carrots
Tomatoes Carrots

Produce Show Results

Best Pot Plant
 1st-Chloe Glass
 2nd-Denise Rogers
Wild Flower Arrangement
(Children 3-6yrs)
 1st-Sophie Swain
 2nd-Owen Glass
Arrangement of Garden Flowers
 1st-Joan Repetto
 2nd-Geraldine Repetto
Strangest Shape Potato
(White Blossom)
 1st-Amanda Swain
 2nd-Cheseldon Lavarello
Strangest Shaped Potato
(Smooth Skin)
 1st-Amanda Swain
 2nd-Catherine Glass
Best 3 Tomatoes
 1st-Shannon Swain
 2nd-Larry Swain
Best 3 Carrots
 1st-Shannon Swain
 2nd-Shaun Green
Best 3 Beetroots
 1st-Dylan Green
 2nd-Herbert Green
Best Turnip or Swede
 1st-Savanna Green
 2nd-Shane Green
Best Cabbage
 1st-Gary Repetto
 2nd-Leanne Swain
Traditional Fry Sweet Cake
(organised by the Island Store)
 1st-Joyce Hagan
 2nd-Amanda Swain
Best Fish Cakes
(organised by the Administration Department)
 1st-Rita Repetto
 2nd-Nora Swain
Best Raw Potato Sculpture
(organised by the Police Department)
 1st-Randall Repetto
 2nd-Anita Repetto

Adult Events at American Fence

Throwing the wellie Throwing the javelin
Throwing the wellie Throwing the javelin
Tug of war
Women's tug of war - Take the strain...
Tug of war
...and heave!
How far can you cast competition How far can you cast competition
How far can you cast competition
Football rounders Football rounders
Football rounders

Competition Results

Dart Competition
  1st-Leanne Swain
  2nd-Natalie Swain
  1st-Craig Bergh
  2nd-Cliff Swain
Throwing The Welly
  1st-Leo Glass
  2nd-Desmond Green
  1st-Leanne Swain
  2nd-Amanda Swain
Javelin Throwing
  1st-Leanne Swain
  2nd-Kelly Swain
  3rd-Donna Green
  1st-Jason Green
  2nd-Jody Squibb
  3rd-Andrew Green
Popcorn/Straw Competition
  1st-Philip Rogers
  2nd-Randall Repetto
Fishing Competition
  1st-Wayne Swain &
Jonathan Repetto
  1st-April Swain
  2nd-Savanna Green &
Ryan Swain
 Fishing Cast Competition
  1st-Robin Repetto
  2nd-Larry Swain
Free Trip to Capetown from Ovenstone
   The generous raffle prize donated by Ovenstone of a free trip to Cape Town was won by Nathan Swain.

Presentation of Prizes

Collecting prizes Marina Burns presenting a prize
Collecting prizes Marina Burns presenting a prize
Prize giving Children enjoying playing in the Residency garden
Administrator Sean Burns reading out the winners Children enjoying playing in the Residency garden.

Swimming Gala 2019

A school swimming gala was held on the 8th March 2019 in association with Queen's Day.
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St Mary's School Christmas Concert 2018

Photo report of the 2018 Christmas Concert and Play Performed at St Mary's School.
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Old Year's Night 2018

On the 31st December, men in costumes and scary masks wander about the village to chase and capture any children or ladies outdoors. The fishing gong is sounded to ring in the New Year.
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Christmas 2018

Photos from the Tristan da Cunha Christmas break 2018.
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Break-Up Day 2018

Island departments celebrate Christmas as they break-up from work
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2018 Sheep Shearing Day

Annual pre-Christmas event involving the whole community on 15th December 2018.
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2018 Ratting Day

Ratting Day is the annual tradition when teams of Tristan da Cunha men compete to rid the Potato Patches of rats.
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