The annual Sheep Shearing Day was held on the 12th December 2020.

Event News

Sheep Shearing Day, December 2020

Report and photos from Kelly Green and Rachel Green

Sheep Shearing was held on Saturday 12th of December 2020. It was a lovely day and the children were very excited as it was Sheep Shearing Day! Everyone (mainly the children) enjoyed running and chasing, trying to catch the sheep and lambs. They then had the very tricky task of bringing them to the individual family pens, hoping they didn't get away. Everyone enjoyed their day out and afterwards families gathered to have a braai and relax after a hard day of chasing and shearing sheep.


Landscape view of the sheep pens with Hillpiece behind

Sheep gathered for shearing in the little pen Men shearing sheep

Above: The sheep brought in the little pens...

... from where they are taken to be sheared by the men.


Children enjoying the Sheep Shearing Day

Children enjoying the day.