The yacht Caprice called at Tristan on the 4th March 2018.

Visit of the yacht Caprice

Report and photo from Dawn Repetto

The yacht Caprice anchored off Calshot Harbour

Yacht Caprice arrived at the island on Sunday Morning 4th March 2018. On board was a sole Swedish lady called Emma. She arrived ashore at around midday, and after immigration was completed, she did some shopping and purchased diesel. Once all the necessities were completed, Emma went to the remotest pub for a cold beer followed by a ride to the Potato Patches. She then ended off with coffee and cake before returning to the yacht at 6:00pm. Emma had hoped to come ashore the following day but unfortunately there was a big swell in the harbor which made another landing impossible. Yacht Caprice set sail for St Helena island on 5th March. It was lovely to meet Emma and we wish her well for the rest of her voyage.

You can read more about Emma and her solo voyage on her blog at:

Left: The yacht Caprice anchored off Calshot Harbour

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