The yacht Zephyr called at Tristan on the 15th September 2017 on its way from Salvador, Brazil to Cape Town.

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Arrival of Yacht Zephyr

Report and photos from Dawn Repetto

Yacht Zephyr at anchor off Calshot Harbour, Tristan da Cunha

The yacht Zephyr arrived safely at Tristan on the afternoon of Friday 15th September 2017.

The yacht, crewed by skipper Tony Newling-Ward and his son Nick departed Antigua in the Caribbean on the 30th June on a delivery voyage to Cape Town, and was on its last leg from Salvador, Brazil. They had been having a difficult time of it, having suffered a broken backstay, and were short of diesel and victuals.

Left: Yacht Zephyr at anchor off Calshot Harbour.

Below: Tony & Nick return to the yacht with supplies.

Dawn writes "We don't normally get yachts this early in the season but it was lovely to welcome them here. The time ashore was very rushed as weather was going to turn the following day. The two crew members however successfully stocked up on diesel and food supplies. Yacht Zephyr anchored in the lee overnight and next morning did some repairs before setting sail for Cape Town. Both guys onboard were from the British Virgin Islands and they told me they had lost homes due to Hurricane Irma. There has been lots of news regarding hurricane Irma and its devastation but to actually meet two people caught up in this disaster was quite surreal. They were two lovely guys and I wish them all the best as they return back to what is left of their home."

Tony Newling-Ward and his son Nick return to their yacht with supplies

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