Reports of interesting items found around the Tristan Islands.

Flotsam and Jetsam News

The section where maritime sleuths can help identify relics washed up on Tristan's shores, featuring items found around the Tristan da Cunha Islands, which provide one of the world's great beach combing sites!

The Brass Fish Figure found at Blenden Hall, Inaccessible Island

A brass fish figure found on Blenden Hall beach by Tristan islander Jack Green on 24th March 2007 has been identified as possibly being from a ship's bell.
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School Beach Clean Up Day

At the suggestion of the fish factory manager, school students spent a day clearing rubbish from the beeches around Calshot Harbour.
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Message in a bottle found at Anchorstock

Administrator Alex Mitham found a message in a bottle at Anchorstock on 7th January 2016, put in the sea by a Spanish fisherman near the Falkland Islands in 1999.
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Mystery Wreck Found at Cave Point

The remains of an unknown 30m wreck were found off Cave Point during a fisheries research dive in November 2011.
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Lost Buoy Found

An orange 10m mooring buoy washed up on Boatharbour Bay Point in May 2010.
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