An orange 10m mooring buoy washed up on Boatharbour Bay Point in May 2010.

Lost Buoy Found

Tristan da Cunha has seen many shipwrecks as well as ship's flotsam and jetsam. So Islanders are always on the lookout for anything unusual at sea or along the island's beaches.

On 4th May 2010, Head of Communications Andy Repetto spotted what looked like a wrecked life boat at Boatharbour Bay Point as viewed from The Patches. Andy informed Admin David Morley who informed Head of Search and Rescue Conrad Glass. Conrad set off with Neil Swain and Leon Glass to check it out.

On arrival the object was found to be an orange mooring buoy, some 10 metres long, 2.5 metres high and at one end a large broken shackle was still attached. As there was a mark 50 T, perhaps the buoy weighs 50 tonnes? As there is little sign of rust or barnacles it is likely that it has been lost recently.

Does anyone want it back?

Pictures from Conrad Glass show the buoy (above) taken from the cliff above and (below) on the foreshore. The buoy nestled on rocks at the point south of Boatharbour Bay with Hillpiece and the Hillpiece Hardies behind.
Neil and Leon are pictured by the buoy below.