Live phone call with Kelly Burns broadcast on 21st January 2019.

ITV's GMT features Tristan da Cunha

Kelly Green puts Tristan on the map with live phone call

Good Morning Britain (GMB) was transposed to Good Morning Tristan da Cunha
when Tristan Islander Kelly Green was interviewed at 06.05 and 8.05 on Monday 21st January 2019.

Kelly wrote a message to ITV on 18th January to introduce Tristan and explain that she had voted for GMB in the NTA awards, as she and others always watched the early morning news programme before heading off to work.

In Kelly's words:

"We live on the world's most remote inhabited island. We are in the middle of the South Atlantic on a volcanic island called Tristan da Cunha. There are only 250 people on this island and we all know one another very well. We have TV but we only have very few channels, but ITV is one of them and WE LOVE GOOD MORNING BRITAIN!!!!"

Kelly went on to praise Piers Morgan and explain that it took her two hours to vote for GMB for the NTA awards as internet access was so slow.

Nevertheless, Kelly's voice on live TV was as clear as if she was in the same room.

The following images are reproduced from the ITV website and show scenes in the programme, which is available on-line.

Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid
read from Kelly's letter, introduce Tristan, and prepare to speak to Kelly

A video of the start of the second Good Morning Tristan broadcast at 08.05 is available on YouTube:

Here is a YouTube recording of the phone call with Kelly:

And here is the weather forecast for Tristan on 21st January by Laura:

and a full recording of the programme is available on the ITV Hub for a limited time:

To view this you may be required to sign up to the ITV Hub service
but this is free if you don't mind the adverts!

Kelly was a wonderful ambassador for Tristan. She fielded a range of questions
about the island, the way of life and made clear that she had made a good choice
when deciding to settle down on Tristan. This photo of Kelly was prominent during the phone call.

Kelly also sent a film clip 'Happy' made by Marc Escudier which included this image of a group dancing
around the famous Tristan welcome sign and drone footage shot above Settlement houses.
The image above was featured with the film and accompanying music playing in the background.

Dr Hilary Jones: Tristan doctor 1979-1980

Kelly had told GMB in her email that Dr Hilary Jones, the resident medical expert on the programme, had worked on the island. Dr Hilary explained how he was the island's only GP in 1979-1980 and how he too enjoyed living on Tristan.

Kelly was earlier asked what she missed about life in England. She mentioned missing friends, take-aways and restaurants. Referring to this, Dr Hilary highlighted the wonderful Tristan crayfish (now known as Lobster) and the many birthday parties.

Dr Hilary Jones holding an Atlantic yellow-nosed albatross
when on Tristan da Cunha in 1979-1980.
Piers thought the shot reminded him of Ross in Poldark!

This photograph is one of a number of images from Dr Hilary which were published in a Sunday Times Colour Supplement article written by him which was published in 1981.

Dr Hilary was a very popular island doctor, and Kelly told Piers and Susanna how fondly he was still remembered. Harold Green remembers Dr Hilary helping fix a door.

For the second (shorter) GMB Tristan phone call, the yellow GMB logo was transformed into 'Good Morning Tristan da Cunha' as Piers and Susanna again talked to Kelly. This can be seen in the YouTube clip linked above.

All friends of the island who heard the broadcasts were impressed with Kelly and the clear, concise way she told viewers about the island community, its farming, fishing, beautiful environment and wildlife including albatross, penguins and seals.

Her colleague Dawn Repetto said 'Kelly was just great wasnt she?'. Dawn can be seen alongside the Welcome Sign on the image above.