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Vacancy for Police Assurance Officer

Tristan da Cunha Government
seeks apppications for a Police Assurance Officer

  • Salary: Salary 30K (tax free)
  • Benefits: Housing supplied plus medical cover and travel
  • Location: Tristan da Cunha, South Atlantic Ocean
  • Hours: Full Time
  • Role/Type: Permanent/Full Time

The Tristan da Cunha Government has a vacancy for an experienced serving or retired police officer to support the police service on Tristan da Cunha.


The Tristan da Cunha police service is made up of one full time police inspector, two special constables and an administration officer. The police service has responsibility for police matters, customs, immigration, search and rescue and disaster management.

Crime is low on Tristan. There is a magistrate’s court, which sits once or twice a year. Policing on Tristan takes community policing to a new level.

The Role:

We are looking for an experienced officer who has extensive experience of community policing. The key skills required will be an ability to build relationships, transfer skills and help support an efficient police service that keeps the community safe and secure.

  • Help build capacity across the range of police duties on the island
  • Help carry out normal neighbourhood policing duties including working with other practitioners to ensure child and adult safeguarding policies are in place and embedded
  • Review existing community policing practices on TdC and develop formal, modern and robust community policing
  • Work with the community to reduce and prevent crime on the island, especially petty crime and crime related to alcohol abuse
  • Work with the current police officer on setting up youth groups
  • Assist with the identification, nurturing and mentoring of potential new recruits (permanent and Special Constables) on TdC
  • Identify best practice and, where required, provide reports on the enhancement of policing and public safety on TdC

Contract Details:

The contract will be for one year. Salary 30K (tax free). Housing supplied plus medical cover and travel. Expected start date – September 2019.

For further details please contact:The Administrator at:

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Tristan da Cunha is a small island with limited resources. Immigration is necessarily tightly controlled, and there are few expatriate job opportunities.
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