Association grant provides a computer for every pupil

Laptops in use at St Mary's School

Grant of £11,741.51 provides 28 laptop computers for pupils

The Tristan da Cunha Association (TDCA) is delighted to report that the laptop computers, bought from the first grant provided for the island since achieving full charity status, are now in use at St Mary's School.

The original bid was for £14,085.24 to purchase 28 laptop computers, one for each pupil at the school. The bid was supported by the TDCA trustees subject to them having appropriate security, operating system and software. In fact, the grant total was reduced to £11,741.51 following a detailed planning exercise organised by trustee Aniket Sardana, representing the TDCA, working with headteacher Donna Blyth and the Tristan Treasury Department. A bulk-order discount was obtained using Richard James International as purchase and shipping agents.

Photos taken by Maria Swain show pupils with their new laptops

We trust the new laptops will enhance the education of all pupils of St Mary's School.