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Nine Contractors Depart

Galliford Try contractors' report and photos from Barry Davies on 20th May

The MV Pacific Askari arrived at TDC on 18th May 2017 with the medical equipment and the two medical commissioning engineers after a rough crossing from Cape Town. The medical engineers and passengers disembarked that evening. The medical equipment was successfully off loaded from the Pacific Askari on Friday 19th May and brought ashore. The first team of nine GT employees embarked on the Pacific Askari around 4 pm the same day - 19 May 2017 - and the ship departed for Cape Town on Saturday afternoon.

Galliford Try are continuing to make good progress. The Healthcare Centre is substantially completed and the final touches being made to the building. The two medical commissioning engineers are now busy commissioning the new and existing medical equipment and are expected to take around 18 days to complete their tasks.

The remaining Galliford Try team are expected to demobilise and depart from Tristan between in early June depending on the weather conditions.

The weather on Saturday 20th May on Tristan is bad, we are in a middle of an infamous south Atlantic storm, so if we hadn't offloaded yesterday (Friday) the vessel would have been waiting another 4 or 5 days for the weather to break to discharge its cargo.

Grant and Brian helping to transfer
a container of medical equipment
offloaded from the MV Pacific Askari
on to a trailer at Calshot Harbour
on 19th May.


Photos below show Galliford Try contractors with Clerk of Works Barry Davies.

Left to right: Dale Sewell, Steve Brown, Martin Attwood,Tim Coombes and Michael Groenwald Left to right: Dale Sewell, Tom Carr, Dean Dickson, Tim Dunn, Sean Murfitt and Barry Davies
Left to right: Steve Brown, Tim Dunn, Barry Davies, Brian Beck, Sponge Jones, Mikael Larsson and John Sanders Left to right: Tim Dunn, Sponge Jones and Barry Davies
Multi-function area inside the new
Camogli Healthcare Centre
Waiting and circulation area
in the new facility

School Art with Kate Aimson

Kate Aimson, the Community Liaison for Galliford Try, has worked with the children and staff at St Mary’s School to design a mural for the new healthcare centre.
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Latest Camogli Heathcare Centre Construction Update

Update from Barry Davies with photos from Galliford Try’s Project Manager Mark Aimson

Barry reports on 5th May that the contractor's labour force are making satisfactory progress with project completion and handover expected in June 2017.

External views of the centre showing ground work around the building taking place.
The photo below shows the main entrance, approach road and ambulance turning area.


Storm on 14th April tests the centre's weatherproofing Main entrance external canopy

Above: Pupils from St Mary's School prepared concept designs which are being prepared here for use in the Waiting / Primary Circulation Area

Right: Roof lights in the Primary Circulation Area

Fitting out the Dental Office

Above: The main central corridor nears completion

Right: Impressive Family Room with ash panelling and book shelves.

Michelle Green says farewell to Dundee

Tristan islander Michelle Green completes her dental training at Dundee University and returns home
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Latest Heathcare Centre Construction Update

Latest April Photo Feature showing on-going work to complete Camogli Healthcare Centre
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Photos show Healthcare Centre taking it's final shape

Early April photos show further progress completing Camogli Healthcare Centre
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Patient evacuated to Tristan from bulk carrier

A Filipino medevac was brought to Tristan for treatment from the bulk carrier MV Quintana Gayle on 8th April 2017
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Healthcare Centre building progress continues apace

Photos taken on 25th March 2017 show further work on the Camogli Healthcare Centre
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Latest Healthcare Centre Photo Update

Camogli Healthcare Centre Construction Progress Report on the 10th March 2017
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