The deepening of the harbour and a new method using cranes to lift loaded RIBs into and out of the water enabled passengers to land from the MV Edinburgh in difficult conditions.

Latest Harbour Work enables landing despite swell

Further reporting from Mike Wolfenden

We got the passengers off on Saturday 21st May using the high speed RIBs under very difficult conditions. The Edinburgh had been sitting in the lee since the 18th The new deeper harbour allowed us to do this as the wave energy is dissipated as it rushes in at three meters high as its enters.

Waves crashed against the West Jetty and then as it flows in, it is absorbed by the new depth, enough to manage the boats. The harbour is 2 metres deeper at low tide all over and the improvements have made a big difference.

We crane up the boats to load them with people and crane them in, the same happens at the ship. We took the passengers off later the same day as the swell went down enough attempt it.

Today (Monday 23rd May) we are starting to remove luggage and fresh fruit in company barges but the weather is picking up again so we have to take advantage of the’ still moments’.

Barry Davies' photos below show the RIB alongside the quay being lifted by the crane complete with all aboard to facilitate a safe landing in what is believed to be a new technique. Barry Davies' photo right shows the severe sea conditions buffeting Calshot Harbour on Friday 20th May when MV Edinburgh remained in the lee of Inaccessible Island.