The MV Baltic Trader departed Cape Town for Tristan da Cunha on the 19th January 2016 carrying materials and crew for repairing Calshot Harbour.

MV Baltic Trader Harbour Repair Trip Update

MV Baltic Trader departed Cape Town on 19th January for an extra journey specifically to provide transport for materials and construction crew for another Calshot Harbour project.

The ship arrived on Sunday 31st January at 6am after a passage of twelve days. The passengers (a team of 11 contractors led by Ted Adam, who will work on the harbour project) were brought ashore at 11am. Unloading began on Monday 1st February, and, when off-loading is complete, MV Baltic Trader will return to Cape Town.

The project is planned to be completed in May, so, it is assumed, the ship will return to transport the contractors back to the Cape. These sailings will carry mail and there will be 12 spare berths from Tristan in February and to Tristan in May. Unfortunately, this spare capacity is not ideal for visitors, who are more likely to be wanting to stay on Tristan during the summer months.

We have published preliminary information on the works, and will chronicle the actual work on the 2016 Harbour News page.