The tanker Donoussa diverted to Tristan on the 17th January 2024 with a medical emergency.

Maritime Medical Emergency, January 2024

Report and photos from Philip Kendall and Kelly Green

The team on Tristan were excellent on Wednesday 17th January 2024, when a tanker once again used Tristan as a life line, when a sailor needed medical attention. The crude oil tanker Donoussa was on a voyage from Gebig, Brazil to Qinzhou, China when an incident occurred. She diverted to Tristan so that an injured sailor could be treated in the Camogli Healthcare Centre.

The weather was very foggy as the fully laden tanker headed straight for the island, a potentially nail biting situation. However, the captain manoeuvred successfully to the anchorage to await improved conditions.

The tanker Donoussa off the harbour, just visible in the fog. Crude Oil Tanker Donoussa off Tristan
A ship tracking app shows the Donoussa approaching Tristan from due north
Top left: The tanker Donoussa just visible off the harbour in the fog. Bottom left: Thankfully, the fog cleared.
Right: A ship tracking app shows the tanker approaching Tristan from the north. In other circumstances, a fully laden crude oil tanker heading straight for the island in fog would have been a serious cause for alarm.

The Donoussa patient arriving in Calshot Harbour

The patient arriving in Calshot Harbour

As soon as visibility allowed, Conrad Glass and his team went out to the ship on the search and rescue RIB accompanied by Dr Alex Wonner. They brought the injured sailor back to the harbour where he was met and welcomed by Administrator Philip Kendall. He was transferred swiftly to the Hospital and assessed. Dr Alex quickly determined that the injuries were fortunately not too serious, re-dressed the wounds, and took him back to the harbour. Connie's team transferred then him back to his ship and sent him on his way.