The MFV Edinburgh arried at Tristan on the 20th March 2023.

MFV Edinburgh's Extra March 2023 Voyage

Reports from Cynthia Green

MFV Edinburgh off Nightingale Island, December 2022.

MFV Edinburgh pictured off Nightingale Island, December 2022. (Photo: Rodney Green)

Arrival at Tristan

The MFV Edinburgh arrived at at Tristan on Monday 20th March 2023 about 11.30am, and passengers came ashore shortly afterwards. Offloading has commenced.

Passengers were: Islanders: Carol Swain, Danny Swain, Lynette & Leah-Faye Green; Non-islanders: Dr. Acela Garrido Lopez, Dr. Gunther Kellermeier; Nigel & Emma Phillips (Governor and wife); Samuel Lunga (Finance Consultant).

Departure from Cape Town

The MFV Edinburgh departed Cape Town on Monday 13th March 2023 shortly after 4:00pm local time.