The MV Lance departed Tristan on the 1st Febuary 2023.

MV Lance January-February 2023 Voyage

MV Lance, November 2022

Left: MV Lance pictured on the 17th January 2023,
before her departure from Cape Town
Photo: Ian Lavarello

Reports from Cynthia Green

Departure from Tristan

Passengers boarded the MV Lance at 2:00pm on Wednesday 1st February 2023 afternoon and she sailed for Cape Town at 3:15pm.

Passengers are: Islanders: Lynette & Leah-Faye Green, and Gerald Repetto; Non-islanders: Carmen Ferreira, Kenneth Bailey & Tasmin du Preez (Inaccessible Flax Eradication Team); Norbert Maczey (Senior Ecologist/Entomologist, CABI); and Francois Marais & Erik Mackenzie (Ovenstones)

Arrival at Tristan

The MV Lance arrived about 7:00am on Saturday 28th January 2023, and passengers came ashore shortly afterwards. Offloading commenced and was completed at 2:00pm. Passengers were:

Islander: Vera Glass. Non-Islanders: Richard Lockwood (Teacher); Dr. Carel Van der Merwe (Doctor); Dr. Norbert Maczey (Senior Ecologist/Entomologist, CABI); Mr. Francois Marais & Mr. Erik Mackenzie (Ovenstone Representatives).

Departure from Cape Town

The MV Lance departed Cape Town on Wednesday 18th January 2023, shortly after 3:00pm.