MFV Edinburgh heads back to Cape Town

MFV Edinburgh's April-May voyage

Tristan departure report from Cynthia Green

MFV Edinburgh completed offloading during the afternoon of Tuesday 7th May 2019 and then backloaded cargo. Passengers went on board at about 5.30pm and the ship left for Cape Town later in the evening.

Passengers on board are:

Islanders Benny, Sylvia, Shaun, Renee & Dylan Green, Trevor & Tristan Glass;
Administrator Sean Burns and his wife Marina, Ovenstone Engineer Craig Bergh, Crane Techinician George Badenhorst, and CTBTO Field Engineer Meslem Mudzindiko.

Arrival at Tristan: Report from Cynthia Green

MFV Edinburgh arrived just after 1pm on Saturday 4th May 2019 and passengers came ashore shortly afterwards. Passengers luggage, a private car and gas bottles were also offloaded. Sunday 5th was another nice day for offloading, but this was not the case on Monday 6th, due to rougher seas. If the sea conditions are good on Tuesday 7th it is hoped that the remainder of the cargo will be offloaded and passengers can board for the return to Cape Town.

Departure from Caape Town and progress: Report from Cynthia Green and Sean Burns

The MFV Edinburgh departed Cape Town on the evening of Friday 26th April 2019.

Aboard are the following passengers:

Islanders Joseph & Anne Green, Jill & Conchita Repetto, Elizabeth Rogers, Connie & Sharon Glass, and Barney Swain; Teacher Lamont Ferreira, Crane Technician George Badenhorst, and CTBTO Field Engineer Meslem Mudzindiko.

The ship's passage is delayed as it has hit the bad weather Tristan experienced earlier. On 1st May the vessel's speed was down to 1 knot for a time, so it must be bumpy out there! ETA as of today is 16:00 Saturday

She is due to arrive about 16.00 on Saturday 4th May, but this will depend, as always, on sea conditions.

Alasdair Wyllie's photo shows MV Edinburgh off Tristan on 7th February 2019