MV Geo Searcher departs Tristan for return to Cape Town

Geo Searcher's early-season fishing voyage

Report from Cynthia Green

Return Passage

Passengers went on board the Geo Searcher just after 10.00 GMT on Tuesday 23rd October and the ship sailed for Cape Town at 11.30.

Passengers are: Chief Islander Ian Lavarello, travelling onwards to the UK to attend the annual Overseas Territories Joint Ministerial Council in London later in the year; Social Worker Andrew Dawson and visitor Steven Taylor.

Outward Voyage

     MV Geo Searcher departed Cape Town at about 9.30 pm local time on Saturday 18th August 2018, with the following passengers aboard: Islanders Joan Repetto, Andy & Lorraine Repetto, Geraldine, Chantelle & Katie Repetto, Adrian & Sammy Swain; Ovenstones' Craig Bergh, Dentist Penny Granger & daughter Elika Granger and visitor Peter (Tony) Crossley.

     The passage was delayed by bad weather and eventually arrived at Tristan on Tuesday 28th August at 7.40am GMT and passengers with their luggage came ashore shortly afterwards, but poor sea conditions prevented any cargo being offloaded.

MFV Geo-Searcher off Tristan as the ship arrived on its inaugural voyage on 15th April 2017 (Photo: Sean Burns)

The Geo Searcher trip starts the start of the 2018/2019 outer-island Tristan Lobster fishing season as the vessel will proceed to Inaccessible, Nightinagle and Gough Islands after off-loading at Tristan.