The MFV Edinburgh departed for Cape Town on 11th July 2018.

MFV Edinburgh June-July Voyage 2018

MFV Edinburgh, pictured in 2014
MFV Edinburgh, pictured in 2014

Report from Cynthia Green

Departure for Cape Town

The first opportunity for offloading the Edinburgh after her arrival on Sunday 1st July was Sunday 8th July and they managed to get about four hours offloading before the sea conditions deteriorated. There was a full day offloading on Tuesday 10th and the remainder was completed by midday on Wednesday 11th July. Passengers boarded the ship the same day at about 2.35pm and she sailed for Cape Town shortly afterwards.

Passengers are: Islanders Rhoda Rogers, Geraldine, Chantelle & Katie Repetto, Lynette Green, Danny Swain, Lars & Trina Repetto, George Swain and Lorraine Repetto; Leo Duval and Tracey Price

Arrival at Tristan

The MFV Edinburgh arrived at Tristan on Sunday 1st July at about 3.00pm. Passengers were brought ashore shortly afterwards. They were lucky as the sea was starting to kick up a bit from the North West. After the discharge of passengers she went to the lee of the Island and is waiting there for nice weather to start discharging the cargo.

Departure from Cape Town

The MFV Edinburgh departed Cape Town for Tristan at about 8.30pm local time on Friday 22nd June 2018.

Passengers on board are:

Islanders: Benny & Sylvia Green, Julian Repetto, Leanne Swain and Eugene Repetto;

Others: David Moores Snr., Loran Bonnardot, and Leon Bredell.