Geo Searcher departs Tristan on 16th March 2018

MFV Geo Searcher's February-March Voyage to Tristan

Report from Cynthia Green

MFV Geo Searcher departed Tristan for Cape Town just after 5pm on Friday 16th March 2018, following the completion of the ship's fishing voyage to the outer islands.

The ship carried the following passengers: Islanders Eric & Martha Glass, and Sandra & Deanna Rogers, Dorrien Venn, Clinton de Bod, Katrine Herian, Dr. Mohammed Sulaiman, Paul Ferreira, Vinini Xambesi, Thulani Mofu and George Coetzee.

MFV Geo-Searcher off Tristan as the ship arrived on its inaugural voyage on 15th April 2017 (Photo: Sean Burns)

MFV Geo Searcher departed Cape Town just after 3pm on Thursday 2nd February 2018. Passengers on board were:

Islanders Karl, Julia & Kaitlyn Hagan, Joseph & Anne Green; Clinton de Bod (Factory Manager), Dorrien Venn (Ovenstone representative), George Coetzee (Auto Electrician), Marthinus du Plessis (Crane Technician) and Katrine Herian (RSPB).

The vessel arrived at Tristan at about 9pm GMT on Thursday 8th February. Passengers came ashore at 8.30am the following morning and off-loading of cargo was underway soon afterwards. The beautiful morning also heralded a fishing day so island boats are out for lobster and it looks like another good day will enable further fishing on Saturday 10th February.