News of the September - October Edinburgh trip

Edinburgh Voyage Update

Report from Cynthia Green

MFV Edinburgh back loaded cargo on Thursday 19th October 2017. Passengers went on board about 6pm the same day and she sailed for Cape Town at 8.45pm GMT. Passengers were: Islanders Desmond, Donna, Calvin & Hannah Green, Dilys Green and Ian Lavarello, Felix Norman Teferle, Mark Pearson and Craig Rowland.

Report from Geraldine Repetto and Sean Burns

The delayed September MFV Edinburgh trip departed Cape Town for Tristan on Friday 22nd September 2017 at 22.30. The ship arrived at Tristan at 19.00 on Friday 29th September and the passengers came ashore soon afterwards.

Passengers were: Islanders Jody, Shirley, Charlie and Jessie Squibb, Iris and Martin Green and James Glass; Contractors Vinny Xambesi, Thalani Mofu, Leon Bredwell; Engineer Norman Teferle and visitor Craig Rowland.

MFV Edinburgh, as well as making a return journey carrying passengers and freight, is also carrying out fishing operations.

This is the first time since 2009 (when the fishing vessel MV Kelso was replaced by MV Baltic Trader) that two fishing vessels have been operated by the fishing company, and reverts to the traditional norm as this was usual until that year.

MV Edinburgh anchored off Gough Island in 2015