Pacific Askari's May - June 2017 Cape Town - Tristan voyage

Pacific Askari returns to Cape Town

Report from Cynthia Green
with photos from Dawn Repetto

MV Pacific Askari at the Tristan anchorage at first light on 8th June 2017

The MV Pacific Askari did a quick turnaround and departed Cape Town at 16.00hrs on 27th May 2017 to collect the remaining Galliford Try Contractors employed building the new Camogli Healthcare Centre.

Passengers aboard are islanders Donald & Joyce Hagan, Eric & Martha Glass and Francesca Green. The vessel arrived at Tristan on 5th May, but could not offload due to sea conditions. On Tuesday 6th June 2017 the vessel came up to the Settlement mooring and passengers were offloaded at 10.45 GMT.

The Conservation Department RIB Arctic Tern with Trevor Glass at the helm
about to depart Calshot Harbour with Sean and Marina Burns aboard
on their way to board MV Pacific Askari on 8th June

The ship loaded passengers at 09.00 GMT and departed for Cape Town at 09.35 on Thursday 8th June 2017. As well as the remaining four Galliford Try contractors, (who have been building the new Camogli Healthcare Centre which is now complete), the vessel is carrying Administrator Sean Burns and his wife Marina as they depart for leave and later Tristan business in the UK.

MV Pacific Askari preparing to depart for Cape Town on 8th June