HMS Protector's visit to Tristan da Cunha March 2017

Visit of HMS Protector

Report from Shirley Squibb and photos from Dawn Repetto

HMS Protector arrived on Saturday 11th March 2017 at the beginning of a visit that will include surveying and monitoring of tides. The visit started with a meeting between a party from the ship with the Administrator, Tourism Co-ordinator and Harbour Master.

The ship landed eighteen personnel, on Tuesday 14th March, who spent the morning ashore, intending to have a change-over at 1200.  The day began with a round of golf and a hike to the summit of the 1961 Volcano.  Visitors enjoyed purchasing souvenirs and stamps and having refreshments and snacks at the Post and Tourism Centre.  Sadly the weather deteriorated and the afternoon personnel were not able to land.  The ship departed later that evening.

After the visit Administrator Sean Burns said that he was 'so pleased that HMS Protector was able to visit us once again to conduct some survey work while she was around our waters and to make a patrol of our fishery. We are always delighted to welcome the Royal Navy to Tristan and while it is disappointing the weather prevented a full programme for the crew's run ashore, at least some of them were fortunate enough to experience Tristan for a few hours. We look forward to welcoming them all back here one day, when everyone will hopefully be able to come ashore.'

HMS Protector anchored off Tristan on 11th March 2017

A party of crew members from HMS Protector coming into Calshot Harbour
on 11th March for a visit planning meeting.

Crew members in the Post Office and Tourism Centre on 14th March

Crew members at the summit of the 1961 volcano on 14th March

Crew members playing golf on 14th March and facing the local hazards which include grazing cattle and rounded lava boulders!

Crew members departing Calshot Harbour at noon on 14th March